Harness the Power of Reliable Connectivity

Power producers are pivoting – harnessing energy from the sun, wind, geothermal, hydro and more. However remote these renewable energy projects are located – reliable communications & connectivity are essential. Clear & dependable communications enhance worker safety, collaboration, & productivity. Advances in remote site monitoring, automation, & predictive maintenance, empower green energy producers with greater operational oversight. Network Innovations supplies high performance networks & integrated solutions to clean energy producers, so they can leverage the power of a connected workforce.

Remote Site Communications & Connectivity

Sustainable energy solutions require sustainable communications from site exploration through to construction and operations management. Reliable connectivity helps to increase safety on site, collaboration between the field and front office, and optimize productivity – accelerating construction projects and improving operations. Network Innovations provides quick to deploy solutions to meet your project’s connectivity and communication needs, wherever your clean energy project takes you – regardless of challenging terrain or non-existent terrestrial communications infrastructure.

  • Temporary, turnkey communication & connectivity solutions for exploration and on-the-move teams
  • Quick to deploy VSAT systems, portable broadband terminals & satellite phones
  • Integrated VSAT, L-band and cellular connectivity for multi-network coverage
  • On the move and fixed IP connectivity to access corporate data & applications from the field
  • Fully managed network services

Workforce Safety & Welfare

Empower collaboration between team members, keep lone workers safe and connected, and facilitate communication between family and friends for field crews on long term assignment with high-powered network solutions. Network Innovations designs, delivers, installs, and provides field service and support to renewable energy producers. Enhance safety on site, remain in contact with lone workers and ensure team members stay connected with reliable workforce communications solutions.

  • Enhance safety & emergency response for lone workers, mobile teams and assets on the move with tracking devices
  • Provide communication & recreational services at remote work sites to boost workforce morale & attract quality personnel
  • Quick to deploy ruggedized PTT solutions keep distributed team members connected
  • Quickly respond to emergency situations with location- based services, man down systems, safety alerts & low latency two-way communications


Business Continuity & Emergency Preparedness

Day to day operations require dependable communications. In the event of a crisis, whether caused by human error or a natural disaster, reliable communications are critical. Network Innovations specializes in providing reliable and redundant primary and backup communication and connectivity solutions. From network design, to delivery, installation, service and support – our fully managed network services ensure your teams remain connected and in contact during dire situations.

  • VSAT systems extended with fiber, LTE & microwave for remote wind, solar, hydro & geothermal sites
  • Design, deliver, and install primary and backup connectivity networks
  • Bandwidth on-demand services for emergency or periodic data-intensive applications
  • Secure, reliable voice & data connectivity when terrestrial or cellular networks fail due to weather events or human error
  • Fully managed network services

Remote Site Monitoring

Leverage real time monitoring, automation, and control of your renewable energy operations with IoT solutions powered by a high-performance network. Maximum network uptime means maximum visibility – to mitigate risks, anticipate equipment maintenance requirements and monitor operations. Network Innovations integrates multiple technologies to ensure redundant coverage no matter how remote your infrastructure is, so you always have situational awareness of your operation and your assets.

  • Reliable data connectivity for remote IoT applications
  • Remote monitoring, surveillance, and security systems for real-time situational awareness
  • Reduce field deployment costs with remote surveillance connectivity & data-conscious photo/video & video streaming applications
  • Remote management & monitoring of water transfer operations with real time water flow and pump RPM readings
  • Monitor fixed and on the move assets to increase security using customized trigger states & automatic alerts


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