End-to-End Connectivity

Optimize & Automate Operations with Advanced Connectivity

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems facilitate informed decision-making, providing the sensing capabilities & computational power to track everything relevant to optimize operations. Modern SCADA systems do more than collect data, today’s systems leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze the data & automate processes.  Integrating IIoT M2M devices enables even greater oversight of distributed assets. Network Innovations supplies cost-conscious, flexible, reliable, & robust SCADA system technologies & the end-to-end data connectivity necessary to power your process management system.

Capture the Benefits of Real Time Data

SCADA system, IIoT, and M2M solutions require reliable data connectivity to give organizations complete visibility and remote control of their operations. By using the actionable intelligence acquired via SCADA systems – utility providers, energy producers, water management operators, and other manufacturers can leverage operational insights to inform decisions and take advantage of every incremental speed and cost saving opportunity.

SCADA system benefits include:

  • Immediate notification of environmental issues
  • Eliminate system false alarms
  • Centralized monitoring of remote real-time data
  • Control, alarm, and trend analysis
  • Reduce operational & maintenance costs
  • Reduce site visits
  • Outage management

Advanced Connectivity, Anywhere & Anytime

Network Innovations delivers custom SCADA and network system solutions to support the diverse operational requirements of your business. We supply advanced connectivity and communication technologies that operate in the harshest environments and most remote locations. Our team provides the hardware, software, tools, training, support, and systems integration to help organizations digitally transform and leverage the full benefits of IIoT, M2M and SCADA applications.

  • Global multi-network coverage via satellite, cellular and hybrid solutions
  • Reliable IP connectivity for remote video, voice, SCADA, IIoT and M2M applications
  • Critical backup communications and connectivity to meet regulatory and insurance requirements
  • End-to-end managed network services including design, delivery, installation, and support for primary and backup communication/connectivity systems
  • Bandwidth on-demand services for work overload, emergency or periodic data intensive applications

M2M & IIOT Solutions

As proven technology integrators, Network Innovations helps our clients leverage the full capabilities of connected M2M and IIoT solutions. Wherever your assets are located, in harsh terrain or in remote areas around the globe, our engineers design and configure a solution to ensure reliable and redundant connectivity. Vendor and carrier agnostic – our team sources and supplies the bandwidth, hardware, and software to help you realize the most from your SCADA system investment.

  • Dedicated connectivity for dependable data & communications coverage
  • NI Portal‘s user-friendly dashboards provide historical & real-time data to view asset status & telemetry metrics
  • Identify equipment health status for preemptive action to minimize risk & maintain regulatory requirements
  • Reduce field deployment costs with remote monitoring & control solutions
  • Quick to deploy, scalable solutions for end-to-end connectivity
  • Advanced connectivity for remote surveillance via high quality video

Use Cases

Water Management

Enhance the efficiency of your water system with improved visibility of your operations. Regulate & monitor the flow, pipe pressure, and reservoir levels during processing or along the supply chain with SCADA system solutions & data connectivity. Network Innovations helps municipal, state & enterprise organizations, deploy SCADA system technologies for optimal monitoring & control.


Monitor every phase of electricity generation from fuel input to electrical output and respond instantaneously to fluctuations in demand with always-on connectivity. Network Innovations supplies SCADA system solutions and data connectivity to Utilities providers integrating AMI, IIoT, M2M, and satellite technologies.

Oil & Gas

Improve production, reduce health & environmental risk, and maximize operational efficiencies with next-generation SCADA system technology. From reservoir to market, Network Innovation provides reliable and redundant data connectivity to the Oil & Gas Industry, enabling oversight and remote control of rigs, wellheads, transport networks, production facilities, storage tanks and more.

Maverick Scaleable SCADA

Efficient, Flexible & Reliable Satellite Connectivity & Communications

Scalable SCADA offers unlimited data transfer and the ability to increase subscribed data rates on-site as needed without additional hardware or monthly subscriptions. SCADA systems help multiple industries maintain efficiency, process data for intelligent decision-making, and indicate system issues for quick action to ultimately minimize downtime.

Access critical data from remote locations to ensure assets are operating safely and efficiently and remain compliant with real-time visibility of your network. With advanced monitoring methods including video surveillance, M2M, and IIoT devices, higher bandwidth requirements are necessary. This demands more than your standard SCADA connection.

MAVERICK Scalable SCADA gives you the ability to scale your business without increasing overhead or added complications.

  • Increase bandwidth as needed
  • No additional hardware or monthly subscriptions required
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Proactive technical Support
  • Geographic redundancy


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