Total solutions using multiple data communications technologies whether for news gathering, remote inspection, or watching TV.

Technologies & Services


Dynamic, redundant, and flexible satellite, cellular, fiber and hybrid network for primary, back-up, or occasional use with advanced services…

Inmarsat LX for Enterprise

Inmarsat LX for Enterprise – Operates over the Global Xpress Network and has been optimized for land applications.


Eutelsat’s Cost-effective Satellite News and Data Gathering Service in Ka-band for European media.


BGAN HDR (High Data Rate) supports a portfolio of streaming rates that set a new standard in live TV broadcasting over BGAN satellite terminals.

Satcube Ku

Satcube Ku uses high throughput satellites and wide-beam Ku to give you global broadband connectivity in a truly portable terminal…

Video Codecs

Software and devices to provide encoding and decoding for digital video including the latest in video compression and least cost routing solutions.

Cellular & Bonded Cellular

Secure WAN access in areas where wired solutions are too expensive or unreliable.


Razorlink Hub is a compact field unit that bonds and optimizes Cellular, Satellite & Wi-Fi Networks.


ASMIRA provides real-time high precision video streaming using low bitrates from remote modes like ships, planes, drones…

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