Custom Hardware & Software

Engineered solutions when your need is not 'off the shelf'

Our team of hardware and software engineers thrive on creating bespoke solutions. Our experience includes field and embedded devices, interoperability, radio, cellular, satellite, automation and control, as well as integration with third-party systems. Depending on the requirements we can accommodate environment testing and compliance with regulatory authorities. Contact Us to tell us about your unique challenges.

Sample Projects

Disaster Recovery Comms Trailer

An integrated Oil & Gas company required a rapidly deployable custom communications trailer to deploy in case of natural disasters to ensure business continuity. NI designed, fabricated, equipped, installed, and provided the systems integration for the complete solution.

Antenna Tuning Software

NI designed a solution for a government customer to deploy the latest antenna technology into its existing operations by allowing the customer to solve critical challenges such as acquiring different satellite beams with the antenna without a modem and without a lot of system level knowledge.

Micro UPS

A power regulation device, created in response to the need of a leading utility company, with intelligent logging capabilities prolonging the life of electronic devices and enabling remote diagnostics of equipment installed in vehicles.

Electrical Panels

Our UL certified panel shop has designed and manufactured electrical panels for a number of maritime and industrial applications.

API for SATCompass NextGen

NI’s development team created an application program interface into our provisioning and billing system to allow a large partner to maintain and advance its own development of its customer facing systems.

3D Printing

To reduce delays and ensure cost efficient installations, our team creates CAD drawings and then fabricates brackets, plates, and other small parts using the latest in 3-D printing technology.

Custom VSAT Antenna Mounts

NI designs custom mounts for all types of antennas and all types of vessels and vehicles.

Firmware for 3rd Party IIoT Device

The firmware provided by a device manufacturer was not capable of handling the types of data filtering and exception only requests required by the owner of a large vehicle fleet. In response, NI’s development team created the embedded software required to meet the demands of the customer in a way that would also future-proof the system.

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