We offer a complete range of satellite, radio, cellular, and hybrid data solutions for fixed and mobile applications. Our flexible offerings include bandwidth pooling across devices, occasional use, bursting, and integration into your existing infrastructure. Our network solutions are not just communications links but come with options to allow you to control, secure, and shape the use of the services.

Technologies & Services


Dynamic, redundant, and flexible satellite, cellular, fiber and hybrid network for primary, back-up, or occasional use with advanced services that allow you to manage your network from anywhere. Features include on demand burst and streaming capabilities on demand or from triggered events.

Managed Network Services

Whether you have existing infrastructure or none whatsoever, we can design, create, and manage a custom network built around your needs across a range of technologies including satellite, radio, cellular, and fiber. Contact Us to discuss your unique requirements.


Ubiquitous access to robust cellular and satellite communications, optimized to transmit metrics using intelligent store-and-forward routines. Now you can access your information cost-effectively, when and where you need it.


Low latency, pole to pole voice and low to mid bandwidth data communications for sea, air, and land.


Global, mobile satellite voice and broadband communications for sea and land including maritime safety services.

Microwave & WIMAX Radio

Reliable, Cost-effective alternative and back-up to fiber for fixed operations.


Eutelsat’s Cost-effective Satellite News and Data Gathering Service in Ka-band for European media.

Satellite Capacity

When you want to take advantage of buying power, outsourced services, or to maintain discretion for your network.

Networking Equipment & Infrastructure

We have the hub, modem, terminal, routing, and switching equipment to manage your C, Ka, Ku, L, X, or WGS Certified Satellite; Microwave; Two-way Radio; or multi-band network.

Aeronautical Data Systems

Flexible high or low speed data solutions for fixed wing and rotary aircraft.

Cellular & Bonded Cellular

Secure WAN access in areas where wired solutions are too expensive or unreliable.


Razorlink Hub is a compact field unit that bonds and optimizes Cellular, Satellite & Wi-Fi Networks.


With ASIGN software, save up to 99% bandwidth. It provides an interactive solution to send & receive relevant high-resolution visual content (photo & video)…

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