BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network)

Inmarsat’s BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) from Network Innovations is a satellite communications service that provides broadband Internet data and telephone communications, simultaneously, through a single, portable device.

Based on IP technology, BGAN makes it possible for users to connect their Laptop PCs, Smartphones, switches, routers or other IP devices to the Internet or integrate them to their corporate network at speeds up to 492 Kbps. BGAN enables you to remotely access all the Internet based applications you would normally use from your home or office.  BGAN offers seamless and continuous coverage in areas where terrestrial telecom networks are non-existent.  The network is accessed via small, lightweight satellite terminals – about the size of a compact notebook PC – which are easy to set up, and simple to use.

Using BGAN

BGAN is for anyone who would benefit from taking their office environment with them when they travel to locations where the telecommunication infrastructure is unreliable or non-existent. It is for users who want to run all their computer applications- securely, reliably and at speeds to match terrestrial broadband networks – when their work takes them away from the office.  BGAN will help users to be just as productive away from the office as they are back at base and you do not need any special technical expertise to set up the service or use it. Journalists, oilfield services, military personnel, aid workers, survey crews, exploration teams and other established satellite users will especially welcome the performance, ease of use and portability of BGAN terminals.

Deploying BGAN

BGAN is simple to deploy and operate. It is possible to go from backpack to BGAN in three minutes or less as demonstrated in this brief video.

White Paper

Satellite Enabled Augmented Reality for the Remote Worker – How Mining, Utilities and Oil and Gas Companies are benefiting from increased productivity, safety and convenience

Combining the right hardware, software and connectivity results in a solution that can deliver in multiple scenarios. BGAN services deliver simultaneous voice and broadband data communications from anywhere in the world, through small and lightweight satellite terminals. BGAN uses Inmarsat’s L-band satellite constellation, which offers up to 99.9% availability is used for mission-critical safety applications and governments across the world.

For many years remote workers have had to be experts in the activity they are working on, meaning you need the right person on-site to do the job. Not only did that lead to lots of people needing to live in remote places at a cost and with a number of safety ramifications, it also meant that operations could grind to a halt if a specific expert wasn’t there.

There is however; a better way. In this whitepaper we look at the role satellite-enabled augmented reality is playing in virtually bringing the subject matter expert to the source of the problem cost effectively from anywhere around the world.

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