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The world needs to be informed as it happens. For decades our technicians have been trusted by the globe’s leading news agencies to provide the latest, most reliable, and cost effective data connectivity, managed services, and codec solutions so that you can capture and tell the story.

SNG Hitting the Road with "The Boss"

In the broadcasting environment of today, the ability to carry out live broadcasts from wherever news and events are breaking is essential. Networks are expected to bring the news no matter where or when it breaks and under any circumstances. A fast and convenient way of ensuring that a broadcaster reaches a story is the use of an Outside Broadcast (OB) truck to provide contribution links back to the network studio.

As the network never knows where a story might break, it was important to have a vehicle in its portfolio that can withstand the terrain that its usual SNG vehicles couldn’t handle. “The Boss” is resilient enough to cope with tough terrain and adverse conditions. When the story breaks, no matter where it happens, it’s covered.

SNG The Boss Case Study Cover Image

Boosting SNG via All-IP Networks

Satellite Newsgathering is a crucial part of any broadcaster’s business. In our world of news, sporting and live events the transmission of video from the scene is essential. Gone are the days when a journalist would physically transport a tape back to HQ after filming a story so it could make its slot on the evening news. Technology and digitalization has transformed OB and expanded broadcaster’s capabilities.

All-IP newsgathering provides a very flexible solution that enables reliable broadcasts and reduces overall costs. Scalability in geography and volume is also enabled by the IP-based transmission, creating endless options for content distribution across the globe. Satellite is a huge asset to any broadcaster’s portfolio and it has an enormously bright future in the sector.

SNG via All IP Networks

Traditional SNG Solution Challenges in an IP World

The complexity and capabilities of a modern SNG have dramatically increased, providing support for HD productions and modern tapeless workflows.

Television is no longer served well by the SDI Baseband Router, coaxial cable and BNC connectors. New IP-based video/audio infrastructure and workflows are far more flexible and cost-effective. This White Paper explores a practical technology solution using a mixture of technologies to deliver live news events, camera crews today deploy mobile solutions capable of transmitting video, voice and broadband services over a multi-service communication link. This is made possible by leveraging the power of IP.



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