Global coverage

Premium, seamless service

Managed data bundle

Multiple e-SIM’s in a bundle

High-speed capabilities

Multiple operators per country


Global coverage, multiple networks, intelligent billing, and IoT tools

eSIM Provisioning and Data Management for 2G/3G/4G and LoRaWAN. uLINK technology provides redundancy, diversity, and improves overall quality of cellular service. Connect to any available network within the network list and when the connection is lost, the SIM will automatically seek a new network. No disruptions and reduced downtime, keeping you and your business operational, all without physically changing SIMs.

With both private and flexible networks available, easily manage and access your devices without third party apps with VPN capability on the cellular level to encrypt and secure your data. Fixed IP services are available at a set rate per year, with no burden on your data.

uLink’s online portal allows you to monitor your eSIM status, check your data usage in real-time, and more:

  • Create your own monthly usage budget, including usage warnings and limits
  • Create your own cost centers for each deployment to simplify your administration
  • Pick the best performing network through the diagnostic tools
  • Monitor location by Cell ID, IMEI, and more
  • Access and coverage configuration – pick zones you want access to, include or exclude countries in each zone, and suspend or resume eSIM’s in real time
  • Cost management – see your costs in real-time and take action without worrying about additional charges: all the tools you need to manage your fleet are available

uLink esim stack

Key Differentiators

Simple Icon

Connectivity management
Control your SIMs from our online portal

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Data analytics and reporting
Understand more about your data, control your budgets

Network Icon

Multiple networks
Available to a single SIM for improved quality of service

Tracking Radar Icon

Geolocation services
Without the need for additional devices

Flexible Icon

Customizable pricing and rates with bundles and packages

Continuity Operations and Solutions Integration Icon

True, real time billing
Prevent unwanted usage immediately and avoid unnecessary charges

Continuity Operations and Solutions Integration Icon

Configure your own networks
And control how you route your data

Secure Lock Icon

APN security
Secure routing, and VPN capabilities



Razorlink Hub is a compact field unit that bonds and optimizes Cellular, Satellite & Wi-Fi Networks.


Secure WAN access in areas where wired solutions are too expensive or unreliable.


Our IoT platform leverages next-gen IIoT, wireless, and cloud technologies, purpose-built on Industry 4.0 best-practices.

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