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Small & Ruggedized options for remote deployment

Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN)

Bonding & Diversity

Office and branch options for  fixed operations


Peplink SD-WAN is Centrally Managed and Monitored

SD-WAN is a revolutionary way to approach the simplification of branch office networking and assure optimal application performance by using centrally controlled and managed WAN virtualization.

Unlike traditional WANs, SD-WAN delivers increased network agility and cost reduction. SD-WAN has its roots in Software Defined Networking (SDN), the underlying principle of which is to abstract the network hardware and transport characteristics from the applications that use the network.

The Peplink SD-WAN Advantage – The combination of products and technologies can help you build SD-WAN networks with unbreakable connection resilience, unmatched deployment flexibility, and intuitive ease of use.

Peplink SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Networking) gives you full control over wide area networks and remote devices using a single interface.

VPN configurations are created and deployed automatically to connect thousands of branch offices together securely. Centralized WAN monitoring and notifications provide a real time view of WAN health and global branch office availability to network administrators. SD-WAN makes encrypted VPN’s faster and more affordable by combining the bandwidth of multiple connections into a single logical WAN connection giving secure, local network access to cloud resources.

Peplink SD-WAN enabled networks not only monitor WAN health and availability, but also use the data to make intelligent application traffic flow decisions to benefit your operations. These benefits include:

  • VoIP, video and other real-time services can be sent using a low latency link
  • Guaranteed reliability with intelligent failover and active/active configurations, even when a WAN link fails
  • Flexibility to add WAN connectivity as and when it is needed
  • Set it once, and all your traffic is managed automatically by the software defined rules set on the device without user interaction

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Capable of taking multiple links and turning them into a single connection

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Speed & Reliability
Add more links to increase speed and reliability

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Automatic Failover
Continually check the health of all links and routing traffic around inactive or intermittent connections

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Links can be encrypted and comply with Emergency Service Network and UK Policing standards

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Load Balancing Algorithms
Decide how the device transitions between your links with a variety of configurable load balancing algorithms

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Site-to-Site Configuration
Securely bridge networks with minimal configuration to communicate between all your devices

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Application Awareness
Simply set-up traffic priorities to manage application traffic automatically

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Bonding & Diversity
Connect multiple WAN connections for resilience, and bond connections for improved throughput

Mobile Bandwidth Bonding

Untethered from fixed line – Combine the bandwidth of several mobile connections to form an ultra-fast data link. Sustain bandwidth – hungry and latency sensitive task without the need for fixed lines, such as rolling workplace with full access to multi-cloud and security services, HD video streaming and mobile clinic.

  • Support multiple connectivity technologies (e.g cellular, Wi-Fi, satellite)
  • Combined to form one logical WAN connection
  • Establish unbreakable high-bandwidth SD-WAN connections

VPN for Branch Networking

Aggregate your connections with SpeedFusion. This technology powers enterprise VPNs that tap into the bandwidth of up to 13 low-cost cable, DSL, 3G/4G/LTE, and other links connected anywhere on your corporate or institutional WAN.

Whether you’re transferring a few documents, or driving real-time POS data, video feeds, and VoIP conversations, SpeedFusion pumps all your data down a single bonded data-pipe that’s budget-friendly, ultra-fast, and easily configurable to suit and networking environment.

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