Cost-Effective Satellite News & Data Gathering Service

Redefining Satellite News Gathering

NewsSpotter provides service via the new KA-SAT satellite from Eutelsat (9° East) with a total capacity of 70 Gbps and coverage in Europe, North Africa and large parts of the Middle East. The latest generation of lightweight equipment, with guaranteed high bandwidth up to 10 Mbps, enables both SD and HD live video and audio to be sent at a surprisingly low cost.

IP Based Service

The NewsSpotter service is completely IP-based and therefore suitable for quickly sending store-and-forward files and FTP. NewsSpotter can be used in combination with IP codecs, such as, M-Link Live-X or M-Link News Caster for video and for audio Comrex Access.

Occasional Use

NewsSpotter is an occasional use service. Bandwidth can be reserved through an online booking system. Simply log in and enter your terminal number, location, time slot and the desired bandwidth.


Compact and Portable Terminals

The satellite terminals are compact, small, and easily transportable. NewsSpotter satellite terminals are available as fly-away or drive-away or model. The fly-away terminal is manually aligned and is available as a backpack or briefcase model, weighing 5 to 10 kg and ranges from 60 to 75 cm. The drive-away terminal motorized aligned and is available with dish sizes from 75 to 120 cm, small enough to be mounted to the roof of a car.


Explorer 8100


Explorer 3075


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