Stand-alone technology

Integrated interface works with your existing technology

Simple to install & easy to use

Flexible applications

Near real-time information from any device

Transition from cell to satellite for complete coverage with optimized data plans

Compact Edge IoT Solution to Track, Monitor, Control & Automate Your Operations

Purpose-built for remote industrial equipment assets, the FIC-E2000 gives you near real time visibility of your equipment’s health, status, and performance. Make sure your fixed and on-the-move assets are operating safely, efficiently, and productively – anytime and from any location.

FIC-E2000, a state-of-the-art edge IoT (internet of things) solution, enables you to:

  • Track, monitor, control, and automate your operations
  • End-to-end in one remote platform
  • Near real-time updates
  • Transition from cellular to satellite for complete seamless coverage

Lightweight and compact, this device offers 8 hours of back-up battery life, is simple to install, and can serve multiple industries and applications.

FIC E2000 Edge IoT Solution

FIC-E2000 in Action - IoT Use Cases

Equipment Rental

Have full visibility over your entire fleet, wherever your assets are. The FIC-E2000 monitors, controls, and tracks equipment for the rental market. This simple to install, turnkey solution supplies continuous coverage of your fleet wherever it goes, no matter how remote the location. Toggling between cell and satellite coverage for uninterrupted insight, you can access historical data for diagnostics, set service indicators, and more. Manage your complete fleet from one screen.

Oil & Gas

Monitor and automate water transfer and fracking operations wherever you are. Engineered as a stand-alone automation solution, the FIC-E2000 gives you near real-time control and visibility over your operations. Access telemetry readings and updates from fields pumps, flow meters, and tanks through a single platform to respond quicker, reduce emergency callouts, and maximize production uptime. This turnkey solution seamlessly integrates with Cattron LOFA, FW Murphy, and Control Inc. engine panels.


Monitor, map and proactively remediate issues by smart-enabling your mining equipment fleet. Gain control and oversight of your distributed assets dispersed across multiple remote locations through a single platform. The FIC-E2000 provides near real time access to asset performance and status data including service and security alerts, location monitoring, fuel level and consumption data, and more. Stay informed of assets in the field with continuous coverage via satellite and cell connectivity.

Municipalities & Wastewater

Manage and monitor pumps and piping equipment for sewage bypass projects with the FIC-E2000. With continuous access to pump and performance data, operators have remote control over their smart-enabled equipment via phone, tablet, or computer. Set alerts, track fluid flows and remotely start, stop or change pump speeds. Easy to install and quick to deploy this IoT solution supplies advanced hydraulic telemetry readings so you can respond quickly, remain in control, and reduce operating costs.


Manage multiple assets across multiple sites from a single platform. The FIC-E2000 gives you oversight of your entire heavy equipment fleet on one screen. Set alerts to monitor equipment health and take proactive measures to prevent possible failures and avoid costly consequences. Locate assets, remote control equipment, and view asset usage and performance insights to optimize operations and increase productivity. Wherever you are or wherever your construction site is, stay connected.


Optimize your crop and livestock operations with IoT-enabled vehicles, irrigators, sorters, harvesters, loaders, and other fixed & on-the-move machinery. FIC-E2000 lets you manage and monitor your distributed assets from one screen. Access real-time soil moisture sensor readings and remotely adjust irrigation system outputs. Automate planting, treatment, and harvesting functions. Maintain equipment uptime with predictive maintenance analytics and alerts to maximize your yield quantity & quality.

Key Differentiators

Flexible Applications
Our solutions are purpose-built around your industry

Integrated Interface
Works with your existing technology

Real Time Information
Near real-time information from any device

Simple to Install
Easy to use

Complete Coverage
Transition from cell to satellite with optimized data plans

Historical Data
Historical data for diagnosis and analysis

Stand-Alone Technology
Visibility into your operations from one remote platform

Customer Support
Available 24/7 customer support for your device

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