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FIC-E2000 IoT solution enables you to track, monitor, control & automate your operations from end-to-end with near real-time updates.

  • Stand-alone technology
  • Integrated interface works with your existing technology
  • Simple to install & easy to use
  • Flexible applications
  • Near real-time information from any device
  • Transition from cell to satellite for complete coverage with optimized data plans
  • Overview

Compact Edge IoT Solution to Track, Monitor, Control & Automate Your Operations

Purpose-built for remote industrial equipment assets, the FIC-E2000 gives you near real time visibility of your equipment’s health, status, and performance. Make sure your fixed and on-the-move assets are operating safely, efficiently, and productively – anytime and from any location.

FIC-E2000, a state-of-the-art edge IoT (internet of things) solution, enables you to:

  • Track, monitor, control, and automate your operations
  • End-to-end in one remote platform
  • Near real-time updates
  • Transition from cellular to satellite for complete seamless coverage

Lightweight and compact, this device offers 8 hours of back-up battery life, is simple to install, and can serve multiple industries and applications.