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Satellite Communications and Network Mobility Solutions

Our flexibility to custom design solutions and integrate various communication technologies to provide connectivity in remote and unusual environments, has set us apart from the competition. As a leading provider in both fixed and mobile satellite communications and large-scale network systems integration solutions, NIC4 prides itself in being able to deliver a superior service across the globe, including engineering expertise, field service representatives for installation, training, maintenance, network operation centers, and 24/7 customer support.

NIC4 & Network Innovations

NIC4, Inc. is headquartered in Tampa, Florida and is the U.S. Government focused subsidiary of Network Innovations, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Since its inception in 2011, NIC4 has been providing rapidly deployable secure communications services, communications infrastructure, and secure managed network solutions to Federal Agencies, DoD, Local and State government, NGOs, Government Contractors, as well as multi-nation coalition forces in Southwest Asia.

With strategic relationships with communication equipment manufacturers, NIC4 is positioned to act as an “honest broker” and bring forth the most capable, cost effective open architecture solution.

About Us

Our Mission

NIC4 provides rapidly deployable secure satellite communications services, communications infrastructure, and secure managed network solutions to the U.S. Department of Defense, Federal Agencies, Coalition Forces, Local and State Government Agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations, Government Contractors, and commercial sector clients worldwide.

Our Vision and Commitment

NIC4 aims to deliver the highest standards of reliable communication services to our customers through our experienced workforce and dedication to industry partners. Our goal is  to deliver the most efficient and reliable communication solutions to solve the requirements and needs of the end-user.

Our Values

NIC4’s values are an integral part of how we interact with our customers and partners. These core values are what drives our Corporate Vision: Leadership, Integrity, Accountability, Customer Oriented, Diversity, and Quality.

Key Strengths

Continuity Operations and Solutions Integration Icon Reliable Icon Satellite Ground Communication Icon
Solutions integration Knowledge, flexibility, custom solutions, turnkey & value-added services Focused voicedata communications via satellite

Systems Integration including, but not limited to:

turnkey-satellite-communications-network-innovations enterprise-network-solutions-network-innovations morale-welfare-communications-network-innovations
Turn-key satellite communications systems Large scale networking solutions, including network and server infrastructure, software deployment and management, and operations, monitoring and maintenance Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) networks



Our team of former defense professionals can provide solutions that integrate into your existing infrastructure or provide the latest in managed networks, interoperability, and field services in support of your operations.

Security & Intelligence

Whether you have a unique requirement or just want to blend in, our team of former security, intelligence, and defense professionals have access to the right solutions and experience to support your critical missions.

Morale & Welfare

Keeping your crews and units connected in remote locations.

On-Site Support

“In theater” technical support services for satellite communications and networks provided by Field Service Representatives (FSR).


Our MAVERICK service is a fully scalable, efficient and flexible multi service multi VSAT based solution designed to integrate with any type of customer network.

Voice, Radio & PTT

A complete range of tactical communications including satellite, VHF, UHF, and interoperability…

Phones, Hotspots & Tracking Devices

Mobile satellite based phones, data, tracking devices and associated accessories that keep you…

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Office: +1.877.455.2131

Chad Gatlin, Chief Executive Officer
Danny Hansbrough, Corporate Security Officer

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