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With increasing global demand, adverse weather conditions, and the need for real-time connectivity on open waters – fishermen and fishing vessels have more to navigate today than just the sea. Whether your vessels electronics need maintenance or you need to connect with your onshore team or family in real time, our experts in maritime electronics and communications are here to help.

Keep connected to the shore & to home

Whether you’re looking to connect to your onshore team or communicate privately with other vessels in your fleet, you need a reliable, secure connection. Using cellular, satellite, or a combination of both, our pole-to-pole mobile satellite communication solutions ensures an uninterrupted connection you can count on – anytime and anywhere you need it. It’s important for crew morale to be able to stay connected to home and entertained while at sea. Be the employer of choice without compromising bandwidth and budget with one of our flexible solutions.

Catch reporting, monitoring, & tracking – instantly

Leverage the power of a connected vessel – use real time access to the latest fishing reports and data to ensure you’re finding your catch quickly and efficiently. Instantly update your onshore team with catch details and real time reporting so you can maximize profitability and get to market quicker. Optimize route planning, track fuel consumption, and monitor engine performance so you are getting the most out of your voyage.

Stay compliant today and tomorrow

Legal regulations and compliance are ever evolving and growing stricter with efforts to promote sustainable fishing practices around the world. Stay compliant today and in the future with secure and reliable connectivity for real time reporting, vessel position tracking, and vessel monitoring.

Get home safely

Your safety depends on having access to real time weather updates. With our maritime connectivity solutions, you can be assured that you’re staying ahead of conditions and never lose connection, even in the most dangerous waters.

Keep your vessel operational with maritime electronics experts

Drive vessel efficiencies with maintained and optimized onboard electronics. Our experts specialize in complete electrical wiring, data cabling, and fibre optic installations for any size or type of vessel, including custom electrical and control panels.

Services for Marine Scales & Graders Onboard Vessels in North America

“As the world’s largest and most innovative producer of advanced processing equipment, it is imperative to support the equipment in a manner that allows the processor to utilize the full potential of the machinery, and realize the full value their purchase. Partnering with Fusion Marine provides a unique opportunity to raise the level of service and support for this market segment.”

Einar Einarsson
Marel President of the North American Region


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