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Fusion Marine opened in March of 2011 with a commitment to combine the most talented electrical and technical professionals in the industry with the best logistical support and advanced tools available. We fuse the best of both electrician and technician trades to build a better way of supporting vessels. The line between electrical and electronics becomes thinner by the day, and Fusion’s approach has been to abandon traditional lines of separation and operate on capability as the deciding factor when assigning jobs.

Fusion Marine’s rapid growth has been fueled by the heartening response of our customers. Our success is as much a part of our customers’ history as it is our own, and is a testament to the emphasis they place on trust, loyalty, and dedication. Continuing our customer commitment, Fusion Marine joined the Network Innovations Group in December 2018 combining global experience and expertise with personalized local service and dedication.

Looking to the future, Fusion Marine and Network Innovations continue to grow operations and services enabling vessels of all sizes to Stay Connected – Navigate Safely – Find Their Catch!


Commercial Maritime

Keeping you, your crew, and your vessel – operational, safe, and connected. Our experts can design new builds and upgrade or service your existing marine electronics, electrical, automation, and communication systems.

Leisure Maritime

Keep your guests and crew connected and entertained with a complete range of reliable communications and marine electronics for yachts and leisure maritime vessels.

Fishing & Fisheries

Find your catch and get home safely. Whether you’re navigating the open ocean or at port, our experts in fishing vessel electronics and communications can help you stay operational, safe, and connected.

Government & Navy

NAVSEA certified for maritime defense contracts. Maintain ship to shore communications for both critical operations and crew morale and welfare. Regardless the size of your fleet or the complexity of your mission, we can customize the solution that’s right for you.

Key Differentiators

Service Icon

Full maintenance and support services for your vessel with 24/7 support

Repair Install Icon

Industry experts for everything from installations through to critical repairs in remote locations

Satellite Maritime VSAT Icon

Keeping you connected in remote locations with reliable and seamlessly integrated services

Tracking Radar Icon

Keeping everyone on board securely connected with reliable internet access

Cell Contact Sales Icon

Cellular 4G/5G
Global cellular connectivity for all your destinations

Computer Desktop TV Icon

Reliable A/V solutions that provide onboard internet, IPTV, VoIP, and more

Remote Connectivity Icon

Remote Management
Monitor your data, usage, services, invoices, and more from wherever you are

Secure Lock Icon

Cyber Security
Keeping your onboard data and systems secure


Marine Services

Our team of highly qualified technicians are available on call or for permanent assignments. Our team of technicians can complete new builds, upgrades, or service work for all marine electronics and communications technologies including installations and radio surveys in ports throughout the world.


Complete electrical wiring, data cabling, and fibre optic installations for any size or type of vessel. This includes custom electrical and control panels, generators, load sharing, alarm systems, wiring, lighting, LED conversions, factory controls, monitoring, and more.

Marine Electronics, Navigation & Safety

Our technicians and supply depots are located in key maritime ports and are equipped for all of your maritime products and services needs.

Data Connectivity

We offer a complete range of satellite, radio, cellular, and hybrid data solutions for fixed and mobile applications.

Marine Video Monitoring

We have decades of experience in designing custom solutions to fit your unique needs including net monitoring, plant monitoring, and more. We work with analog and/or IP (Internet Protocol) Cameras, and use a variety of network devices to get the video to a suitable Network Video Recorder.

Wi-Fi, Cellular & Networks

A complete end-to-end networking and internet solution. Allowing you to Succeed. Anywhere.

Maverick Voice

Provides a complete end-to-end phone service over our MAVERICK VoIP service.

Managed Network Services

Whether you have existing infrastructure or none whatsoever, we can design, create, and manage a custom network built around your needs across a range of technologies.


Custom designed and installed audio and visual solutions created specifically for your vessel and your maritime needs.

Morale & Welfare

Keeping your crews and units connected in remote locations.

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