It’s aircraft that you fly but your missions are unique. We have a complete range of approved flight safety, data connectivity, tracking, and interoperability systems required to support your special mission rotary and fixed wing operations.


Flight Safety Services

When aircraft need reliable, critical air-to-ground connectivity, Network Innovations’ flight safety…

Aeronautical Data Systems

Flexible high or low speed data solutions for fixed wing and rotary aircraft.

Systems Design & Integration

Whether you have a totally new requirement, or are looking to add a new capability to your existing…


Solutions to seamlessly communicate across technologies or to avoid investments in expensive ground infrastructure.

Phones, Hotspots & Tracking Devices

Mobile satellite based phones, data, tracking devices and associated accessories that keep you…


Web based, integrated satellite and GSM tracking solution that brings together all the positions of every manufactured product under one location and displays them in a single unified interface.

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