Interoperability Solutions


Solutions to seamlessly communicate across technologies

Network Innovations provides interoperability solutions to bridge disparate communication technologies – radio, cellular and satellite – for always available voice communications. Our solution engineers’ design, build and test in-house interoperable technologies for fail-over systems, engineering custom solutions for mission critical communications. Pairing innovative hardware and expertise to cross-connect existing and new communication systems seamlessly, we support multi-agency, multi-geography, and multi-communication technology teams.

Interoperability Applications

Interagency Communications

Public safety as an entity – the collective of police, fire, emergency medical services (EMS), and supporting agencies – need interoperability solutions to communicate with each other across disciplines. Network Innovations supplies custom interoperability solutions to emergency responders that work seamlessly with other systems or products to ensure reliable voice communications between teams. Coordinate and collaborate in real-time, as needed, and as authorized with equipment to support effective and timely response.

Multi Location Team Collaboration

For organizations with departments or field offices located across vast distances with sites reliant strictly on satellite connectivity, bridging communication systems can be challenging. Network Innovations specializes in designing and delivering interoperability solutions and technologies that work to facilitate multi-geography team communications and information sharing. Our suite of solutions includes fixed location, portable, and mobile configurations to ensure teams remain in contact wherever they go on.

Multi Technology Communication

Incompatible frequencies, devices, or equipment can prohibit relaying timely information and communications between agencies from different jurisdictions. The Network Innovations team develops tailored solutions for new and legacy technologies, engineering critical communication solutions including interoperability gateway devices, custom integration cables, accessories, & more to bridge disparate networks and devices.  Our products & services cost-effectively enhance and extend voice communications systems.



SATRAD Matrix mSeries

SATRAD Matrix iSeries

Inmarsat L-TAC

Interop Solutions ACU-Z1

RSP-Z2™ Dual Channel Interoperability Gateway

Interop Solutions ACU 2000 IP

Interop Solutions NXU 2B

Peplink BR2 Pro

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