SATRAD MSAT PTT is a powerful and flexible communications tool that works where you do.

Connects people across the continent at the push of a button. Regardless if you are in varied terrain, rugged environments or experiencing challenging weather, the SATRAD MSAT PTT gets your communication where it needs to go, simply, quickly, reliably and affordably.

The most effective, reliable, and extendable satellite-based PTT for North American and Caribbean operations including access to extensive talkgroups. Satellite voice services, powered by the MSAT-G2 Radio, gets the job done when land-based communications networks are nonexistent or have been damaged, destroyed or congested such as during a disaster situation.

The most effective, reliable, and extendable satellite based PTT for North American and Caribbean operations including access to extensive talkgroups.

Service Features

Coverage: North and Central America, Northern South America, the Caribbean, Hawaii and coastal waters

Mobile: Compact, portable form handsets

Fast: Realtime, voice-based service

Efficient: A single satellite channel supporting communications between all group members

Adaptable: Over the air programming for on the fly updates and Talkgroup changes

Interoperable: Enables disparate public safety agencies to connect in an emergency

Telephony: Straight forward usage in either PTT or telephone modes

GPS: Device tracking via basic reporting functionality and on-demand polling

Smart Model for Interoperable Communications

Satellite Mutual Aid Radio Talkgroup (SMARTTM) is a nationwide program of regional public safety talkgroups which enable critical and interoperable communications among government and public safety officials across the United States. Using a unique push-to-talk satellite technology, members of SMART can participate in one or more group conversations with virtually no interference from terrestrial network congestion and destruction.

Satellite communications reliable during any emergency

Mutual interoperable between various agencies

Aid provided whenever and wherever assistance is needed

Radio voice communication for the people who need to know

Talkgroup getting jobs done effectively and efficiently through critical information sharing


SATRAD MSAT-G2 Mobile Satellite Radio

SATRAD Matrix mSeries

SATRAD Console Display

Satrad G2 Command Integration

Satrad G2 Extender

Satrad H2

Satrad HE NXU

Satrad Mobile Integration

Satrad MSAT G2 Enclosure

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