Global, mobile satellite voice and broadband communications for sea and land including maritime safety services.



Fleet One provides voice and data services for leisure, merchant and fishing vessels.

Fleet Broadband (FBB)

Fleet Broadband (FBB) provides global voice and data services over a range of antennas sizes to suit your vessels requirements.


Inmarsat LX for Enterprise – Operates over the Global Xpress Network and has been optimized for land applications.

Fleet Xpress FX

Fleet Xpress – Combines the high data speeds over the Global Xpress Ka-Band network and the reliability of the FleetBroadBand L-band network to ensure you are always connected.


Inmarsat’s BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) from Network Innovations is a satellite communications service that provides broadband Internet data and telephone communications, simultaneously, through a single, portable device.

Explorer 3075 GX
Explorer 5075 GX
Explorer 325 C11 Vehicular
Explorer 510
Explorer 727
HNS 9202
HNS 9350
HNS 9450 C11
Intellian FBB
Intellian GX100
Intellian GX60
Intellian V100GX
Low Profile BGAN
Sailor 100GX
Sailor Fleet One
Sailor FBB
Sailor 60GX

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