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Swedish Police Overcome Distance and Natural Barriers with Satellite Connectivity Solutions

Sweden, a beautiful country situated in Northern Europe with an abundance of stunning landscapes and scenery, attracts hundreds of global adventurers annually to trek the wide-mountain range bordering Norway. For many years, the Swedish Police department has had to overcome natural obstacles impairing terrestrial radio connectivity. For an adventurer who had lost their way or sustained an injury, this meant limited or no connectivity to call for assistance. Within the Fjords, a land-based radio network existed that consisted of help boxes placed sporadically throughout the mountainous areas. However, this network experienced geographical interference that impeded radio transmissions and reduced coverage.

In 2016, the Police, working with a local communications partner designed fixed telephone/radio boxes that were installed in rescue cabins throughout the area, but they still faced the obstacle of supplying a dedicated and reliable voice connection. Network Innovations understood the challenges and integrated always-available satellite communication connectivity into the telephone/radio boxes.

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