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Advanced Networks

Helping our Customers Conquer the Complexities of Space and Terrestrial Networks

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About our Advanced Networks Team

Network Innovations’ Advanced Networks Team is comprised of a dynamic group of experts where great engineering minds and outstanding communications experience intersect.

Our combined knowledge and skills allow for the creation of systems, services, and products which leverage the best technologies available.  
Having access to dedicated, secure, and reliable communications from remote assets back to your head office is imperative to your operations. When high performance is a must for your business, having a guaranteed network you can rely on without a second thought makes all the difference.

Whether you have existing infrastructure or none whatsoever, we can design, create, and manage a custom network built around your needs across a range of technologies including satellite, radio, cellular, and fiber. 

Our solutions are unique to your needs and do everything from ensuring a guaranteed quality of service for real-time protocols, to reliable communications between your remote assets and your data center, and anything in between.

Network Design & Engineering

Our integration and engineering design expertise, combined with our managed network and life cycle support services, allows us to provide our customers with a complete end-to-end turn-key solution. 

What sets us apart is more than the superior architectures and soundly tested systems we create. By adding sophisticated Satcom technologies to today’s widely developed terrestrial technologies, our team creates systems that can provide reliable services anywhere on earth.

Drawing on our experience working with governments, broadcasters, and large enterprises, we‘re able to ensure that our design provides your network with maximum reliability and quality performance.

  • Site Surveys
  • Satellite Network Design
  • Satellite Network Analysis
  • Supplier/Vendor Product Assessment
  • Integration Logistics

Contact Us learn more about our network design & engineering capabilities


Cybersecurity Protection

The Safety of Your Network is Essential to Your Business.

It’s Essential to Ours, too.

That’s why at Network Innovations, our proactive approach starts with keeping our own business secure so we can best protect your data and the systems that transit across our networks.

This protection includes industry best practices implemented into our daily processes and procedures, with defenses embedded directly into our network that work to quickly detect and stop threats. 

Contact us to learn more about cyber security.

Active & Targeted Cybersecurity Certifications

We have achieved or are working to complete the following cybersecurity certifications:

  • ISO 27001: Implementation of required controls is underway, with certification targeted for the latter half of 2023.
  • Cyber Essentials: Active certification, renewed annually.
  • Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC): Level 1 compliance achieved, with work underway targeting Level 2 compliance.
  • CIS Critical Security Controls: Compliance to group 2 controls within our opera

MAVERICK VSAT Network Additional Controls

Additional security-related controls provided with Network Innovations’ MAVERICK VSAT service include:

  • Web filtering, whitelisting, blacklisting and content filtering
  • Compliance with recommendations set out in the CISA and FBI joint cybersecurity advisory (AA22-076A), Strengthening Cybersecurity of SATCOM Network Providers and Customers, including a capability to enable compliant TRANSEC protections
  • Private network design (RFC 1918 addresses); the only devices exposed to the internet are those that are specifically requested (e.g., the site VTCs). All other devices are inaccessible from connections originating from the Internet.
  • Private network segregation and isolation from other customers within NI’s core network, using VLANs and VRFs through our core and satellite hub infrastructure to protect our customers from attacks originating from within the teleport infrastructure

Satellite Transmission Systems

Today, the application age demands speedy data and higher throughput. This supports 5G, IoT, LEO and rural applications that need to get every bit they can for a deeper and faster user experience.

More than ever before, the efficiency from satellite delivered data – from GEO to MEO to LEO platforms – all demand optimization with deep satcom expertise. 

Our team of satellite and wireless telecommunication experts are here to help you save time so you can focus on your core business. 


Fixed Earth Stations

Our meticulous, fixed earth station custom-designed approach allows you to cost-effectively distribute data, video or voice across your network.

All our fixed satellite terminals are delivered turnkey, with design, integration and life cycle support included. 

From earth stations to broadcast uplinks or VSAT Networks, our team of design-engineers are ready to work with you to develop the solution you need.
  • HUB/VSAT Networks
  • Private Networks
  • Broadcast Uplinks
  • Teleport Networks
  • Radome
  • HTS Networks

Contact us to learn more about our Fixed Earth Stations expertise.  


Mobile Earth Stations

Whether broadcasting a live event from a remote location or transmitting a critical battlefield communication, we understand your need for rapid, reliable connectivity.

Our range of transportable satcom terminals / mobile earth station terminals are rugged and reliable, and are designed to deliver dependable voice, video and data connectivity, no matter the weather, terrain or conditions.

  • Battlefield Terminals
  • Trailer-mounted Solutions
  • SNG Systems
  • Multiband terminals
  • Fly-away
  • SAT terminals
  • Roof Mounted VSAT Solutions

All our mobile earth station terminals are designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions, including extreme heat and cold conditions.

During the design process, our engineering team will stress test all components to ensure they will survive Artic and/or Sub-Saharan weather conditions.  

Contact us to learn more about our mobile earth stations expertise. 


Media Broadcast Solutions

Video Uplinks / Media Center & DTH Multi-platform and Multi-format

Whether live feed or on-demand, broadcast and video content service providers need value-driven, reliable ways to distribute high quality content to multiple platforms.

From content acquisition to content distribution, you can count on the broadcast engineers and experts at Network Innovations Advanced Networks. Our experienced team members have built custom DTH networks, cable head-ends, video uplinks and media centers around the world.

  • DTH Networks
  • Cable Head-End
  • Media Rooms
  • Broadcast Centers
  • Satellite Uplink

Contact us to learn more about our media broadcast solutions.