Our technicians and supply depots are located in key maritime ports and are equipped for all of your maritime products and services needs.

Technologies & Services


The radar, sonar, chart plotters, fish finders, GPS, and related weather and other apps that you need for both commercial maritime and leisure vessels.


A complete line of satellite or hybrid based data connectivity and VHF radio solutions.


The personal and complete vessel systems that you need to ensure safety at sea including EPIRBs, PLBs, AIS, Fire Radios, and Man Overboard.

Marine Video Monitoring

We have decades of experience in designing custom solutions to fit your unique needs. We work with analog and/or IP (Internet Protocol) Cameras, and use a variety of network devices to get the video to a suitable Network Video Recorder.

Collision Avoidance Radar

Our systems integrate echoes, target information, Automatic Identification System data and chart data from multiple radars onto a single display, giving operators real time data about marine traffic.


Complete electrical wiring, data cabling, and fibre optic installations for any size or type of vessel, including custom electrical and control panels.

Compliance (GMDSS, AIS, VMS)

A full range of products and services to ensure compliance with the latest government regulations including GMDSS, Vessel Monitoring, AIS, and Accounting Authority.

Marine Services

Services, repairs, installs, and surveys electronic equipment on commercial maritime and leisure vessels.


TV, radio, speakers, and lighting systems.

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