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Our FieldIntell Platform leverages next-gen IIoT, wireless, and cloud technologies, purpose-built on Industry 4.0 best-practices. We view technology as the means (not the end) to solving real-world business challenges and, when properly utilized, it has the ability to unlock value, profitability and growth. So rather than technology providers, we think of ourselves as solution providers who understand technology’s role for what it is: enablement.

IoT Case Study


This IoT solution has transformed the way Stratty Enterprises can view the performance of their equipment. They have been able to become more cost effective due to machinery staying out of the repair shop with maintenance only being completed when necessary.

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Technologies & Services

FieldIntell™ Control

Manage, control, and locate assets – anywhere, anytime including third-party devices.

FieldIntell™ Connect

Ubiquitous access to robust cellular and satellite communications, optimized to transmit metrics using intelligent store-and-forward routines. Now you can access your information cost-effectively, when and where you need it.

Edge IIoT Devices

Powerful, rugged, highly configurable and low cost devices that can be easily integrated into your existing equipment, sensors, and data connections. We don’t gather data just for the sake of it. We use pre-defined metrics specifically designed using relevant industry measures to help you analyze and control your equipment assets. This quality-in-quality-out approach ensures information is relevant, timely, and actionable.


Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition is a control system architecture that uses…

Asset Tracking Devices

Purpose built or flexible hardware options for almost any asset tracking requirement.

FieldIntell™ Analytics

Our cloud analytics is where we scrub and normalize streams of inbound metrics for relevance. Then, we make sense of it all by applying powerful AI algorithms engineered to uncover hidden opportunities, issues, and trends from your IoT data-lakes.

Mobile FieldIntell™ Assistant

Apps for IOS and Android that puts powerful anywhere, anytime remote monitoring solutions in the palm of your hand.


Web based, integrated satellite and GSM tracking solution that brings together all the positions of every manufactured product under one location and displays them in a single unified interface.

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