Expand your Network, Secure New Clients

Increasing demand for cellular service & broadband connectivity in remote, rural locations has mobile network operators (MNOs) looking to extend their coverage beyond urban centers. Expansion into new markets means new subscribers, new revenue sources, & breaking down the digital divide.

Network Innovations’ cellular backhaul solutions help you extend voice & data services to expand your coverage area & move into emerging markets. Our satellite backhaul solutions make it feasible to further service reach into areas that are prohibitively expensive to access via fiber, cable, or microwave land-based networks. As true technology integrators, we help stretch your coverage to the furthest reaches – integrating with whatever generation of cellular technology your business is built on.

Extended Coverage

Expand your network reach and move into untapped markets with fully managed services that make satellite backhaul a seamless extension of your core network. Network Innovations enables MNOs to quickly and cost effectively expand 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and IoT coverage into underserved areas.

  • End-to-end connectivity service from core network to multiple cell sites using advanced satellite technologies
  • Expert engineers collaborate with MNOs to design the network of remote sites & determine capacity needs to support peak usage across network
  • Extensive international teleport network & multi-orbit satellite fleet

Cellular Backhaul

Offload the financial and operational risks of deploying traditional terrestrial backhaul solutions. Our end-to-end managed network services design a backhaul network and deliver the required infrastructure to tackle your technical challenges with ongoing expert support.

  • Network continuity – keep customers happy by providing auxiliary backhaul that keeps them connected when unexpected outages occur due to terrestrial backhaul failures
  • Maximum billable minutes and megabytes for the MNO – ability to adapt the scope of the solution to fit our customer’s needs
  • Reliable service – distributed bandwidth to every site based on network traffic, voice, and data needs

Rural & Remote Connectivity

One of the biggest challenges to extending market opportunities in rural and remote areas are the costs associated with running terrestrial backhaul over long distances to multiple sites. Especially when mountains, valleys and dense forests are in the way. Network Innovations’ satellite backhaul solutions cost-efficiently and effectively extend your coverage into these remote locations.

  • Faster Time to Market – quick to deploy solutions, independent of distance & topology restraints
  • Reach new subscribers and new revenue streams – serve industries operating in remote areas – logging, mining, agriculture
  • Private LTE enterprise solutions

Private LTE

Network Innovations’ Private LTE offers organizations full control of their business data traffic and applications. Private LTE networks provide more secure, scalable and resilient connectivity in comparison to Wi-Fi networks which have traditionally been vulnerable to hacking attempts or network intrusion threats. Only authorized users have access to the Private LTE network. The organization decides where there will be coverage, how the network will perform, who has access and priority.

  • Independent cellular network purpose-built for your organization’s specific communications & coverage requirements
  • Complete end-to-end LTE wireless broadband network – radio access (i.e. vessel, rig, platform, indoor, M2M)
  • Backhaul for transport, core, devices and management
  • Quick to deploy solutions, available anywhere – including areas beyond the reach of public networks backhauled by our extensive global satellite network


Technologies & Services


Dynamic, redundant, and flexible satellite, cellular, fiber and hybrid network for primary, back-up, or occasional use with advanced services that allow you to manage your network from anywhere. Features include on demand burst and streaming capabilities on demand or from triggered events.

Managed Network Services

Whether you have existing infrastructure or none whatsoever, we can design, create, and manage a custom network built around your needs across a range of technologies including satellite, radio, cellular, and fiber. Contact Us to discuss your unique requirements.


Low latency, pole to pole voice and low to mid bandwidth data communications for sea, air, and land.


Global, mobile satellite voice and broadband communications for sea and land including maritime safety services.

Microwave & WIMAX Radio

Reliable, Cost-effective alternative and back-up to fiber for fixed operations.

Satellite Capacity

When you want to take advantage of buying power, outsourced services, or to maintain discretion for your network.

Networking Equipment & Infrastructure

We have the hub, modem, terminal, routing, and switching equipment to manage your C, Ka, Ku, L, X, or WGS Certified Satellite; Microwave; Two-way Radio; or multi-band network.

Cellular & Bonded Cellular

Secure WAN access in areas where wired solutions are too expensive or unreliable.

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