MAVERICK™ Flexible IP A Different Approach to Satellite Communications

Network Innovations’ MAVERICK VSAT based service is a different way of delivering satellite connectivity. Offering our customers, a flexible, scalable and reliable solution customized to conquer their challenges.



Our MAVERICK service is a fully scalable, efficient and flexible multi service multi VSAT based solution designed to integrate with any type of customer network. Our network runs all on multiple satellites and can support different frequency bands and spot beams. The Maverick Network utilizes multiple global gateways and can support a fully private corporate network or a full global internet experience.


We offer our customers a secure and reliable solution to meet their unique needs where and when they need them most.  By offering flexible contract terms and Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Bandwidth on demand services, and state of the art coding and modulation technology, our customers enjoy the benefits of increased link stability, flexibility to change service requirements as needed, and customized pricing to control spending and overall project costs.

Changes to service plans are effortless and repairs easier as there are no option files required for the remote modem.  Nomadic service is made much easier through the automated beam switching (ABS) technology embedded within the service.  Occasional use (OU) packages are available with service requests managed through a state of the art, online customer portal.


MAVERICK allows you to fully profit from your economy of scale while guaranteeing exceptional levels of quality and throughput.

True Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation

Share a common pool of bandwidth resources between all sites with each site having access to the entire pool at any time. Add, move, or deploy sites without altering or revising the bandwidth contract.


MAVERICK uses game changing fully dynamic carrier technology to ensure a Guaranteed Bit Rate Service; the service updates every second seeking to deliver a guaranteed minimum pipe size, not just connectivity.

Our customers take advantage of Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) but with the added feature of automatically increasing their carrier size to maintain a constant bandwidth throughput, even in bad weather.  Instead of you paying for rain tolerance, we dynamically change to provide you the most reliable connection – this saves you money and guarantees your services are available when and where you need them.

The low-latency and low-jitter nature of the carrier technology make Maverick ideal for high quality voice, video streaming, and the use of software applications that are sensitive to low grade networks.

Not Just a VSAT Service

The MAVERICK service includes:

  • A comprehensive bandwidth shaping, acceleration, and optimization suite including Layer 7 (application layer) shaping which can be managed by the customer or by us on your behalf
  • An adaptive terrestrial fiber network with multiple interconnects and points of presence through the world
  • Access to the state-of-the-art and highly configurable NI Portal for monitoring, control, and service requests including custom configurable maps, alarms, notifications and overlays such as weather
  • 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC)
Managed Network Services

Our team of technicians are ready to supplement your resources:

  • Network and Satellite Equipment Installation, Integration, and Configuration
  • Satellite Capacity and Teleport Operations
  • Cyber Security Monitoring & Testing
  • Global On-site and Field Service Representative (FSR) Support
  • Hosted Data Centers and Cloud Services
  • Custom Hardware and Software



MAVERICK Scalable SCADA VSAT is a first of its kind service that can be increased or decreased in speed from either the remote or hub at any time.

NI Portal
NI Portal provides customers with direct access to their Network Innovations’ services and applications
Cellular & Bonded Cellular

Secure WAN access in areas where wired solutions are too expensive or unreliable.

Explorer 8120
Intellian V100GX
Sailor 600
Sailor 800
Sailor 900
Maverick Fixed Site 1.2M
Maverick Fixed Site 1.8M
Maverick Fixed Site 2.4M
Sat Lite Avion 1227

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