Honeywell Aspire 400

Delivers High-Speed Voice & Data Communications for Cockpits & Cabins

The Honeywell Aspire 400 Satellite Communications System delivers high-speed voice and data communications for cockpits and cabins in a compact and lightweight package. The system’s 2-MCU Satellite Data Unit (SDU) transceiver unit contains two separate and independent SwiftBroadband channels for fully partitioned and segregated cockpit and cabin channels.


Dedicated cockpit channel enables Safety Services over SwiftBroadband satisfying Future Air Navigation System (FANS) requirements.

Second SwiftBroadband channel for voice and data capabilities in the cabin

Flexible system includes a variety of antenna options to suit the operators’ needs

Honeywell’s High-Data Rate (HDR) software upgrade can add more data capability to the system, enabling data speeds of up to 650 Kbps.

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