Ruggedised internal high gain Iridium antenna, safe for body worn use

Multi-colour LED status indicator

Optimised Size, Weight and
Power (SWaP) ratio for easy deployment and discreet usage

Universally interoperable
with a range of covert, discreet
and overt audio ancillaries

End-to-end encryption powered by QinetiQ, ensures secure team communications

Guaranteed performance in harsh environments across land, sea and air.

QinetiQ Bracer

QinetiQ Bracer

Responsive, reliable, simple and secure, Bracer™ increases reactiveness, enhances situational awareness and passage of information within the operational domain, improving the ability to prosecute effective command and control and increase the speed of the decision-making cycle.

Bracer satellite radio communications device and service provides end-to-end encrypted (AES 256 FIPS 140-2 level 3), beyond line of sight (BLOS) voice in one-to-many push-to-talk radio mode, position location information, and SOS emergency alerting.


Extreme Resilience: Rated IP66 and IP67, Bracer can withstand extreme conditions, keeping global teams connected when it matters most.

Compact Carrying: Optimised Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) ratio means it can be deployed easily and used discreetly.

Affordability without Compromise: use of commercial satellite technology guarantees elite functionality at a fraction of the cost of military alternatives — so that keeping connected doesn’t have to affect the bottom line.

High Availability: Powered by the Iridium Low Earth Orbiting satellite network, Bracer’s 100% BLOS capability keeps global teams connected, when constant communication is critical.

Instant C2: Users can configure global coverage in seconds, so that when time is of the essence, securing communication lines
is simple with instant handset reconfiguration over the air.

Third Party Integration: Universally interoperable with a range of covert, discreet and overt audio ancillaries; letting you choose the best radio to meet mission-specific tasks.

Superior Security: Applies end-to-end encryption powered by QinetiQ, ensuring team communications remain secure and information stays safe.

Interoperable Talkgroups: Interoperable in talkgroups together with 9575 and Icom (without crypto).

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