What is SatControl?

SatControl is a network monitoring and control solution for real-time control of network traffic functions such as session management, firewalls, and traffic and routing management.

SatControl is a Network Value Add that enables granular control of SIM Cards by SPs (Service Provider) and End-Users for various service types: Standard Postpaid, Restricted Postpaid, and Restricted Prepaid. Users can setup rules to monitor traffic from going over specified MB usage levels, and for enabling firewall restrictions for greater security. The allowance can be set up to automatically reset on the periodic basis (e.g. 20 MBs per month). It also enables users to monitor session status for terminals and report on detailed IP usage.

Functions & Features

Traffic Usage Limits & Notifications
Real time traffic usage monitoring that drives notifications or automatic session termination/suspension when preset thresholds are breached

Firewall Policies
Create and maintain dynamic Firewall rules in accordance with your Network Access Policies to prevent extraneous and undesirable data from being transmitted to your field network. Create rules based on domain names, ports, and IP Addresses

Session Management
Allow devices onto the network based on applied rules for authorized SIM cards. Available for Inmarsat data services BGAN/FBB/SBB, BGAN M2M, Fleet One, IsatHub. Network side manual session termination is available for the above services and Iridium Certus

SatTrace Reporting
Review detailed historical session traffic and data usage reports by SIM card to reconcile with billed usage

SatTerm Manager
Remote terminal management for access to information including system logs, updating firmware, GPS, and usage data for BGAN M2M

IP Selection
Allows you to select your IP Address characteristics – dynamic or static, public or private – to suit your business needs, while being routed securely through our network

Integrate two data streams for single data stream delivery with bonding services. Available for Cobham E710 terminals on BGAN service

Available Terminals
SatControl can currently be used with: Inmarsat BGAN, FBB, SBB, BGAN M2M, Fleet One, IsatHub Iridium Certus, Open Port (IOP)

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