Simple installation

Up to 1000 unique extensions with voicemail

Use with any SIP compliant wired or wireless phones

Conference call technology

Multi-ring technology

Create an extension on your own cell phone


Network Innovations MAVERICK Voice provides a complete end-to-end phone service over MAVERICK VoIP.

Our MAVERICK Voice solution is a pocket-sized PBX with full sized features, providing all the functionality of a full scale “Business Class Phone System” while providing complete end to end phone service over MAVERICK VoIP. Reduce long distance expenses and take advantage of the benefits of a single network with this IP based solution that is technology agnostic.

We have SIP compliant phones that can meet any project’s budget or design, from baseline models to full featured video conferencing phones, and everything in between. There is no need for extra phones or hard lines with MAVERICK Voice; upgrade your aging equipment with advanced communication features with this scalable and robust solution.

Our Wi-Fi phone is compatible with any wireless network, providing exceptional HD clarity in a smart and user-friendly device. The phone comes with a desktop charger, belt clip, and a ruggedized case to withstand harsh conditions.

This PBX solution is small but powerful. With MAVERICK Voice, you can even use your existing smart phone as an extension and call out from your PBX with existing hardware.

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