SATCOM enabled high precision video streaming

HD Video <200KBPS & SD Video @50KBPS

Ability to embed into manned aircraft, ship, vehicle or UAV, or run on PC

Compression + Source Video Optimization = High Quality Video over Low Data Rate

Real-time visibility for situational awareness

Network agnostic

Flexible High Precision Video Streaming at Low Rates


Real-time high precision video streaming using low bitrate is a fundamental challenge. Such challenges are present in several mission-critical situations where visual situational awareness is needed through bandwidth-limited mobile satellite networks. To solve this issue, AnsuR has developed ASMIRA.

ASMIRA can stream good quality video at rates down to 100 kbps or even lower. This makes the software useful for streaming over satellite or UAVs, for example.

With ASMIRA, the receiver of the data controls how the video is sent, with the ability to change parameters such as bitrate, frame rate and resolution at any time. There are modes for fixed rate and unknown network rates. It is also possible to focus the capacity on certain regions of interest to allow more precision for the given region.

ASMIRA offers substantial benefits when communicating video from remote modes like ships, planes, drones or from crisis situations which may experience connectivity and capacity challenges.

ASMIRA in Action - Use Cases

Remote Site Inspection

Real-time surveillance & management of your critical infrastructure. ASMIRA enables Oil & Gas operators to remotely survey & inspect pipelines. Mining operators can stream high quality video from the field to front office. Utilities providers can inspect remote sites, capturing real-time visuals for subject matter experts input.

Emergency Management

Accurate visual information is essential for decision-making in any crisis. ASMIRA provides real-time situational awareness in emergency & disaster situations with high quality video streaming & UAVs. Visual intelligence can be shared quickly & securely for rapid needs assessment & response to provide a real-time view of the situation.

Tactical Communications

ASMIRA provides real-time visual situational awareness for rapid analysis & decision making. Get tactical high precision visual information from beyond line of sight reliably, regardless of terrestrial network limitations. Reduce critical response time & stream visual intelligence with Headquarters to focus on what is operationally relevant.

Key Differentiators

Cost Effective
Significantly reduce costs without sacrificing video quality

Real Time Awareness
Real-time visual intelligence for rapid response

Reliable & Remote Connectivity
Designed for bandwidth-limited & SAT networks

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