RSP-Z2™ Dual Channel Interoperability Gateway

Intuitive web-based GUI

Radio interfaces, 2/4-wire interfaces, SIP, RTP, or RoIP connections

Includes JPS radio interface algorithms

Remotely interfaces radios, or other devices to other RSP-Z2 units and JPS gateways

Single RJ-45 connector & IP address supports both channels

USB port supports software upgrades and monitor/dispatch

This versatile analog/VoIP interface allows a pair of radios, a pair of IP connections, or a radio and IP connection to be patched together and/or remotely interfaced to other devices. The RSP-Z2 incorporates the latest JPS interoperability technology advancements into a small aluminum package; the result is an incredibly versatile dual channel analog and VoIP interface.
Incorporating the JPS suite of radio interface algorithms and the ability to use JPS’ large catalog of radio interface cables, the RSP-Z2 embodies all of the customer-friendly features and benefits you’ve come to expect from JPS.

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