Iridium GO!®

Remote Connectivity

Instant office, lifeline, Voice Communications

Crew Welfare

Stay connected to family and friends

Continuity of Operations

Continue voice and text operations for both in-office and remote teams.


Activate emergency SOS and alerts from anywhere


Critical connectivity for all.

No matter who you are, the ability to conduct business, connect with friends and family, access information, respond rapidly to any situation or simply stay in touch is critical, particularly beyond the reach of terrestrial networks.

Iridium GO!® creates the first ever reliable global connection for voice calling and text messaging using your own smartphone or tablet, as well as providing enhanced data capabilities offered through optimized apps to meet your unique needs. Stay in touch wherever you are, with the devices you rely on every day.

Key Differentiators

Globe Icon

Global Coverage
Global connectivity for voice calling and text messaging

Cost Effective Icon

Shareable rate plans for multiple users to keep voice and data costs affordable

Integration Versatile Icon

Supports a full range of global communications using optimized apps

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Easily connect and operate multiple devices simultaneously

Interference Resilience Icon

Tough enough to withstand rain, sand, dust, and rough use

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Small enough to fit in your pocket for mobile applications

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Transform Your Smartphone
Instantly transforms your trusted device into a global communications powerhouse

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Dependable for critical communications across the globe, providing availability, redundancy, and reach

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