ASE 9575 PTT Palm Speaker MIC Accessory

Improve Iridium® PTT 9575 audio efficiency with the Applied Science Engineering (ASE) Palm Speaker/Mic Accessory.  Made for base operators, the ASE Palm or Fist Mic Accessory allows users to stay in touch with field teams removing the annoying antenna orientation and extra need for bulky equipment.

Fast, efficient communication on the go, the ASE 9575 PTT Palm Mic is perfect for

  • Rapid Response Teams
  • First Responders
  • Explorers
  • Remote Workers
  • NGO Field Personnel
  • Security Teams
  • ICRI Users (Interoperability)

Extend and enhance your Push-To-Talk satellite communication with an ASE 9575 PTT Palm Mic Accessory that allows for a more robust and easier to use Iridium® PTT experience.

Additional Features

  • Always Active PTT plus incoming and outgoing phone calls on the move
  • Improved amplified audio for an enhanced PTT experience
  • Up to 1 month battery life with a charge time of 4 – 5 hours
  • Integrates perfectly with the ASE 9575 PTT Bagdock

What’s in the box?

  • Docking cradle
  • Swivel/desk wall mount
  • Fist Mic/Speaker
  • Ac/Dc Adapter

Contact a local ASE 9575 PTT Palm Speaker MIC Accessory specialist

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