Iridium® Push to Talk (PTT)


Iridium® delivers push-to-talk the way it was meant to be – fast, easy to use, and adaptable to your needs – all on the world’s largest push-to-talk satellite network.

On the move, in the field, or on the front lines, wherever you need to be, Iridium® Push-to-Talk has you covered. With Iridium, the entire world is your network. Simply choose the coverage areas that you require to create talk group regions anywhere on earth. Additionally, the Iridium® Push-to-Talk handsets are lightweight and fit in the palm of your hand. There’s no backpack antenna or heavy equipment to slow you down, so you can connect anywhere to coordinate and respond in a hurry.

PTT Case Study

Iridium® Push-to-Talk:
Constant Coverage on Mount Kilimanjaro


Service Features

Global: Provides pole-to-pole coverage on the Iridium® satellite network

Mobile: Uses compact handsets you can take anywhere

Fast: Compares to terrestrial land-mobile radio solutions

Simple: The PTT handset has an easy to use interface for PTT, telephony & SMS text messaging

Adaptable: Enables changes to talkgroups and devices in just seconds

Secure: Safeguards communications using 256-bit encryption standard

Interoperable: Allows communication between various organizations

Telephony: Handset is voice, tracking, and SMS capable

Fast and Secure

With the Iridium® constellation of 66 cross-linked Low-Earth Orbit satellites, Iridium® Push-to-Talk is built for speed, allowing you to connect with your team instantly and securely, anywhere on the planet. All transmissions are sent using AES-256 encryption – one of the most secure standards available. Your communications remain yours alone.


This ruggedly engineered device integrates fast, flexible, and secure group communication into the toughest, most feature-rich satellite phone on the market. Combining PTT, voice, and SMS capabilities in one handset, the Iridium Extreme® Push-to-Talk supports high intensity users in harsh conditions, everywhere on the planet.



Iridium® Push-to-Talk is simple to set up and adjust as your needs change. The PTT handset provides not only your user information but information on the active user talking within your talk group.  Switching between talk groups is done through the easy to use menu.


Using the Iridium® PTT Command Center, you can define coverage areas and user talkgroups quickly and easily. As situations evolve, you are able to make changes on the fly that are carried out within seconds – it’s the ultimate in adaptability and responsiveness.


With Iridium® Push-to-Talk, you decide how many talk groups you need and how many devices are provisioned in each. In any talkgroup, you can define up to 10 service areas located across the globe, connecting those both close and far away. Iridium Push-to-Talk is also interoperable, allowing different entities to communicate on an as-needed basis.


The SATRAD MATRIX iSeries for Iridium® PTT offers interconnectivity with existing VHF/UHF/PTT networks. The SATRAD MATRIX iSeries bridges UHF/VHF LMR repeaters to allow users to communicate via an existing portable radio. PTT transmissions are routed through the repeater to the MATRIX and then over the Iridium® PTT network to reach other users or dispatch operations. To simplify operations for dispatchers, the MATRIX also provides the connectivity to interface with your existing dispatch console system so that dispatch operators can interact with Iridium® PTT systems in the same manner as they would a standard LMR radio/repeater. The SATRAD MATRIX iSeries enables seamless integration of the Iridium® PTT service with your existing terrestrial radio network to extend your radio coverage from regional to global.

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