Uses existing radio hardware and cryptos, very small form factor, lightweight and low power consumption

Customer Challenge

Military users need to exercise command and control of widely dispersed forces

Global access with strategic backhaul, narrow, regional and customised beam footprints available, beyond line of sight communications without additional infrastructure


Increase the number of TACSAT channels available to military users for voice and data

Netted voice and data for all- informed network, on the move, on the pause or at the halt, channel lease options from one month


Inmarsat provide single-hop L-L band relay from an existing global constellation of geo-stationary satellites

Inmarsat L-TAC

Imagine the Joint Force Commander has decided he needs to expand into the rebel held territory to the west. The lead reconnaissance foot patrol supplies a steady flow of intelligence as it moves forward, constantly in touch with battle group HQ, well to its rear, without pausing to set up antennas. The mounted elements of the main assault force maintain communications with patrols and the HQ as they maneuver to the north, far beyond the range of UHF combat radio.

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