Offshore & Energy

Keep Your Offshore Assets and Operations Connected

Stay safe and connected, regardless the conditions

Whether its transportation of structural components or ferrying crew, offshore maritime services need to navigate remote and hazardous conditions to get the job done. Work with confidence and peace of mind knowing that your vessel is connected to help, even in the most dangerous of waters.



Data Connectivity


We offer a complete range of satellite, radio, cellular, and hybrid data solutions for fixed and mobile…


Marine Electronics Navigation & Safety

Our technicians and supply depots are located in key maritime ports and are equipped for all of…


Morale & Welfare


Keeping your crews and units connected in remote locations.


Managed Network Services


Whether you have existing infrastructure or none whatsoever, we can design, create, and manage a…


Compliance (GMDSS, AIS, VMS)


A full range of products and services to ensure compliance with the latest government regulations including…


Voice, Radio & PTT


A complete range of tactical communications including satellite, VHF, UHF, and interoperability…


Video Streaming


Total solutions using multiple data communications technologies whether for news gathering…


Systems Design & Integration


Whether you have a totally new requirement, or are looking to add a new capability to your existing…




Complete electrical wiring, data cabling, and fibre optic installations for any size or type of vessel…


Marine Services


Our team of highly qualified technicians are available on call or for permanent assignments…

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