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Join Our Webinar: Five Burning Questions Answered Around Keeping Freight Connected

Rail Webinar with Speakers

The digital revolution is transforming the rail industry. The ability to send and receive vast quantities of data in real-time to and from a moving vehicle, along with the capacity to handle and respond to that information appropriately, is crucial.

On January 14th, 2021, we’re getting a Brit, Swede, Dane, and an American together in a virtual workshop to tackle five burning questions about keeping freight connected when traversing North America. Five professionals from Icomera, Inmarsat, Cobham SATCOM, and Network Innovations will explain that seamless connectivity is a reality – but not one can do it alone. We all play a part.

Our Speakers

Claes Beckman – Professor at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm – Icomera

Jonathan White – Director of Sales – Icomera

Steven Tompkins – Director, Market Development, Enterprise – Inmarsat

Kristian Bertelsen – Business Development Manager – Cobham SATCOM

John Stoltz – Sales Director – Network Innovations 


Thursday, January 14th, 2021

12pm (ET)