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David Hershberg

Sr. VP, & GM Satellite Transmission Systems

David started his career in 1959 at ITT Defense Communications, working on earth stations for the first active communications satellite courier. He later founded Satellite Transmission Systems in 1976, Globecomm Systems in 1994, and STS Global in 2014. David holds MSEE from Columbia University, MS Mgt Science from Stevens Institute of Technology, and a BEE from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI).

Throughout David’s career, he’s continued to champion many new technical and management innovations. Under his leadership, STS Global became a leader in the field of satellite communications ground station systems.

STS Global joined Network Innovations in 2022, and David has since assumed the role of Sr. VP, & GM Satellite Transmission Systems. He applies his years of experience in the industry as part of Network Innovations’ Advanced Networks team.