More than a collection of credentials and titles.

Network Innovations leadership is more than a collection of credentials and titles. Working side-by-side with teams all over the world, our executives exemplify our commitment to our partners, customers, and internal teams. They are determined to lead an agile and sustainable business that delivers innovative solutions ensuring that our customers can Succeed. Anywhere. whatever their mission. By anticipating future industry trends and customer needs, and by adopting emerging technologies, they ensure Network Innovations is well-positioned for the long-term.

Executive Chairman & Co-CEO

Tim Harkema

Co-CEO & Group President

Derek Dawson

President (Americas)

Andrew Burdall

President, Network Innovations (U.S. Government)

Chad Gatlin

President, Fusion Marine

Cliff Melton

President, Network Innovations (EMEA)

Ronald Valkenburg

President, Advanced Networks

Frank Czulo

VP, Global Maritime Sales

Matt George

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Gopinath Ramanan

VP, Finance

Patti Runnalls

Division VP, Field Intelligence

Art Gomez

Division VP, Fusion Marine Technologies

David Pratt

VP, Network Planning & Engineering

Bryce Saunders

VP, Land Sales (America)

Alan Skinner

VP, Business Development

Stephane Palomba

VP, Government Business Development (EMEA)

Tony Talbot

VP, Operations, Network Innovations (U.S. Government)

Richard Anderson

VP, Marketing

Ken Wilson

VP, Software Engineering, Network Innovations (U.S. Government)

Todd Lizambri