Why Your Business Should Be Using the Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN)

BGAN delivers everyday business necessities such as voice, fax, and broadband data connectivity in a completely portable, user-friendly device. This makes it possible to connect a regular laptop to the internet, or your corporate network, at speeds upwards of 500 kbps, no matter what your global position may be. With no technical expertise required, one can easily setup a robust, secure network and, in turn, create a mobile workstation anywhere in the world.

Because of these benefits, and the versatility of BGAN, it is used in numerous fields. Many broadcasting corporations benefit from the portability and superior performance of BGAN while in war zones, remote regions or even at sporting events. Quick data transfers and excellent picture quality allow news teams to transmit their stories more quickly, therefore making it possible to break the news sooner. Oil and gas companies rely on BGAN to quickly and securely relay data back to their offices for analysis and consultation. The quick speeds of BGAN allow for a greater rate of exploration efficiency and greatly reduce your find-time in the fields. Many emergency aid crews also use BGAN. After any natural disaster, an aid team relies on BGAN to quickly and easily restore vital communication to help save lives and organize relief efforts. It is these key features that allow anyone looking for a fast, secure mobile office solution to look no further than the Broadband Global Area Network.

The Chilean Mine Rescue is an example of the many uses for BGAN. Before the disaster occurred, miners were utilizing BGAN to send test data and images back to the labs for immediate research and analysis. After the disaster, news agencies around the world relied on BGAN to stream images and video of the rescue attempt, from Chile, back to their local news desks. BGAN became a critical piece of sharing this recue with the world.

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