Network Innovations provides VSAT services across Canada for reliable satellite Internet connectivity in remote locations.


No matter where you are in Canada, we have connectivity.

  • Ku, Ka & C Band coverage on ANIK F2, Galaxy 16, Galaxy 18 & AMC 9 satellites, provide options for connectivity across Canada.
  • Effective coverage for the Arctic with C Band as a primary and Ka as backup

Internet & VOIP Service Plans

Our VSAT service plans for Canada provide basic Internet connectivity for small teams, large camp sites and other business specific requirements.

  • Shared TDMA or Dedicated SCPC Plans – Choose from a selection of shared service plans with speeds from 128 Kbps to 5 Mbps. Dedicated C or Ku bandwidth is available for large scale operations.
  • SCADA M2M Plans – For your remote site monitoring and management requirements, economical plans for SCADA operations.
  • Occasional Use Plans – Month-to-month or plans with day rate CIR for occasional use scenarios that require live video or large file transfers.
  • Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plans – VSAT as your backup communications plan to ensure your corporation is always connected.
  • Emergency Response Plans – For public safety and first responders.
  • VOIP Services – Cost effective voice over IP telephone services & equipment to accommodate single phone lines or large scale crew-calling applications.

Leading VSAT TechnologiesCobham Explorer 5120 VSAT

  • Hughes & iDirect platforms.  Leverage the latest technologies from two industry leaders in VSAT hub and router technology.
  • Fly-Away & Drive-Away options.  If you’re on the move, we can provide you with systems in portable cases or vehicle mount units, both with auto-pointing controllers for easy connectivity.

Flexible Contract Terms

  • Month to month, annual or multi year terms.  We have plans to fit your business requirements for long term site installations or short term projects.


  • VPN Backhaul or VPN Appliances.  VPN services are available from the teleports to secure your connectivity and integrate your VSAT system into your corporate WAN.  For highly secure applications, we provide VPN appliances for your remote sites.
  • Cross Connect Backhaul – For integration to your existing network services.

Technical Services

  • 24 Hour Telephone Support – Call us anytime, 365 days of the year, for VSAT telephone support.
  • Installation Services – Professional installation services to ensure your VSAT system is installed correctly.
  • Site Monitoring – Remote monitoring options for site availability and performance.

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