VSAT SCPC Benefits

The VSAT SCPC (Singe Channel Per Carrier) service provides a dedicated single signal at a given frequency and bandwidth. The dedicated channel offers speeds ranging from 64 kbps to 155 Mbps. The SCPC solution is designed for applications that require high-bandwidth, point-to-point connectivity in either symmetric or asymmetric configurations. For applications requiring connectivity to multiple PoPs within their service coverage area, the SCPC service may also be provided in a point-to-multipoint configuration using an SCPC broadcast carrier with a Frame Relay overlay to facilitate bandwidth sharing between multiple remote sites. The SCPC service can be used for a wide range of applications including Internet trunking, Voice over IP, Oil and Gas and Government services.

VSAT SCPC Key benefits:

  • The service can be configured with simplex, duplex, symmetric or asymmetric SCPC links.
  • simple and reliable technology
  • low-cost equipment
  • any bandwidth (up to a full transporder) usually 64 kbps to 50 Mbps
  • easy to add additional receive sites (earth stations)

SCPC Equipment

Portable VSAT terminals

These terminals are some of the most compact, quickest-to-air systems. It combines one-person operation with exceptional performance to allow live 4 Mbps IP and 10 Mbps L-band broadband transmissions from virtually anywhere in the world.

Fly-Away terminals

The Fly-Away terminals are a revolution in compact design. Every kilogram of each system is used in operation thanks to the patented cage and platform design. The FA150K can easily be transported by airplane, helicopter or car. The Fly-Away terminals offer high performance data rates from 64 kbps to 60 Mbps and are available for Ku, C and X band.

Drive-Away terminals

The compact Drive-Away system is small size antenna for mounting on any vehicle. Fitting to the rooftop is easy thanks to a supporting frame that distributes the load of the antenna. During transportation the terminal has a low profile giving low drag. The fully encapsulated pod protects the antenna mechanism including feed arm and RF components.

Fixed terminals

When you operate in places where the terrestrial infrastructure is unreliable or unavailable, the fixed VSATs (Very Small Aperture Terminal) are a good solution. The locations where the systems will be used demand that the solutions are reliable, secure and always available. The Services offered with these terminals are available for virtually anywhere in the world.