NA-OU VSAT Network

North American Occasional Use VSAT Network

The North American Occasional Use (NA-OU) VSAT network provides the ultimate in flexibility and bandwidth for VSAT applications that don’t require 24×7 connectivity. This service is for applications that are frequently off-line or only use a predictable amount of data, but occasionally may require access to dedicated bandwidth, often at high data rates. Ideal candidate’s applications for the Pipeline NA-OU network would include:

  • Emergency Responders
  • News Gathering
  • Sporting Event Coverage
  • Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery Solutions

These applications require access to at least moderately fast IP connections, but not on a full time basis. Traditional VSAT networks are based on slower, always on (and always charged for) network connections that just don’t meet the access speeds that are required, and purchasing a higher speed, always on connection is simply too expensive.

This is the advantage of the Pipeline NA-OU network. It is based on high speed carriers (either 3 Mb/s down / 1 Mb/s return or 5 Mb/s down / 2 Mb/s return) but the user is only charged for the bandwidth that is actually used. This scenario is ideal for these occasional use applications and results in an affordable, high speed IP over satellite solution.

Another advantage of the Pipeline NA-OU network is that it is offered on 2 satellite beams. This not only allows a user redundancy in satellite access, should there be a network problem. But it also allows mobile users another access path into the network, should “line of sight” to one of the satellites be blocked at the site. This is ideal for Emergency Response or Remote Video Systems.

North American Occasional Use VSAT Network