In order for the unit to operate on the MSAT Network, it must first be commissioned – authorized for use. This task is generally only performed by qualified service personnel. If the unit has never been commissioned, it will power up in dealer mode. You can also access this function even after the unit has been commissioned if you are authorized to do so.

Once we have received and processed a signed service contract, we will provide you with the CFC, PFC, and SASK codes that are required to commission the G2. The steps below show you how to commission the MSAT G2 once this information is received.

MSAT-G2 Commissioning Procedure

  1. Power up the radio and press the 5 key within 1 second of the appearance of the “SEARCHING” message on display.
  2. You are prompted to enter the DEALER PASSWORD:  (This will be provided with your activation details).
  3. You are then prompted to select the antenna type: TRACKING (for mobile applications) or OTHER (for future applications). Use the arrow keys to scroll to the appropriate option and press SELECT.
  4. You are then prompted for each of the Commission Parameters: Control Channel Frequency (CFC), Pilot Channel Frequency (PFC), and Security Access Code (SASK). In each case, you are asked to type in the parameter and then press STORE to go onto the next parameter.
  5. After you enter the set of values, a CONTINUE? Prompt asks you if you want to proceed with commissioning. Press YES to continue or NO to cancel the commissioning process. If you choose to proceed, two screens are displayed in succession:
    • COMMISSIONING indicates the general commissioning process is underway
    • COM: PVT indicates the Performance Verification Test is underway.

If the entire commissioning process is successful a COM: SUCCESS screen is displayed. Control then reverts to the initial Idle Mode screen. If commissioning is not successful, you will receive a failure message. Contact support with any questions you may have.