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SATRAD provides two-way, push-to-talk radio communications via satellite across North & Central America; enabling public safety agencies, first responders and emergency management users to extend radio communications across the continent.  

SATRAD enables broadcast voice communications across a talk group, or users can conduct private one to one conversations. Interoperability is easily achieved via SATRAD Matrix products that bridge terrestrial UHF/VHF/P25 radios with the SATRAD satellite network.  Additionally, SMART Talk Groups provide interoperable communications amongst subscribing public safety agencies at all levels of government.  Now all first responders, fire management, law enforcement and emergency management personnel can communicate on the same network and talk group, to coordinate response across diverse agencies.

The SATRAD service on the Ligado Networks Skyterra-1 satellite is a cost effective alternative to installing and maintaining land-based two-way radio communications systems.  Low monthly fees provide unlimited push-to-talk service with optional GPS and telephone service.

MSAT G2 Basic ConfigurationThe SATRAD network acts much the same as a radio tower, turning the entire continent into a single cell and transmitting signals to, and receiving signals from, subscribers on the ground. SATRAD relies on establishing talk groups – sets of users who share a common radio channel. Each SATRAD terminal can support up to 15 talk groups. Users can belong to more than one talk group and each talk group can include as many as 10,000 members. Users also have the ability to dial-in to a talk group from the PSTN telephone service to participate in a talk group discussion.

SATRAD Benefits:

  • Coverage – Provides two-way radio service across North & Central America on Ligado Networks Skyterra 1 satellite
  • Interoperability – Interoperates with existing UHF/VHF LMR radios and dispatch console systems. Talk groups can be configured to allow for inter-agency communications between local, regional, and national emergency response organizations.
  • Redundancy – Enables auto-failover from terrestrial radio to satellite network in the event of terrestrial radio communications failures
  • Emergency Dispatch Console – Offers a stand-alone console system for mobile or emergency backup console operations
  • Telephone – Provides optional telephone service for standard phone calls including GETS integration
  • GPS Tracking – Enables you to track the location of your team to maximize their safety
  • Fast Deployment – SATRAD can be deployed quickly and is based on a flat rate per month for unlimited push-to-talk service. Not only can you implement the service almost overnight, you don’t have to build and maintain your own private network, which minimizes capital costs and eliminates network support costs altogether.

SATRAD systems can be installed in vehicles, provided as portable kits or fix mounted at emergency operations centres to accommodate a variety of usage scenarios.

  • Command & Mobile Systems – SATRAD systems for deployment in vehicles and for your dispatch operations
  • System Enclosures – SATRAD emergency deployment mobile Go-Kits or Wall-Mount kits for fixed site installations
  • Command Integration Systems – SATRAD technology to integrate push-to-talk via satellite with your existing Land Mobile Radio dispatch console
  • Mobile Integration Systems – SATRAD technology for mobile units for cross-band interfaces to Land Mobile Radios, network bridges for auto-failover
  • Control Heads & Handset Extenders – SATRAD Control Heads allow ease of volume control and connection of external speakers.  Our Handset Extenders accommodate use of the G2 Handset up to 5,000′ from the transceiver.
  • Console Display System – Simplifies operations for Dispatchers and provides an emergency backup dispatch console for the SATRAD MSAT environment.

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