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What coverage is available for the IsatPhone Pro?

The IsatPhone Pro will operate on a global basis over the three Inmarsat-4 satellites. Click here for: IsatPhone Pro Coverage Map

How does the IsatPhone Pro connect to the Inmarsat network?

Stand outside with a clear view of the sky with the phone antenna pointing upwards. There must be a clear line of sight between the phone’s antenna and the satellite. The more sky you can see the stronger the signal should be from the satellite. If open sky makes up about 70% of your view when you look up, then the signal should be strong. Searching satellite will appear on the screen. The top left of the screen will display Inmarsat when your phone is connected to the satellite. The signal bars indicate the signal strength. At least two signal bars are required to make and receive calls.

How does the IsatPhone Pro obtain a GPS fix?

Before a call can be made, the phone needs a GPS fix so it can be located by the satellite. This happens automatically but if a new GPS fix is needed, the GPS fix icon will be displayed on the screen. The phone should be kept in the open with a clear view of the sky until the icon on the screen disappears. Once this is done the phone is now ready to register with the network.

Can a GPS fix be obtained manually?

If the phone continues to show the GPS fix required icon (which means that a new GPS fix is needed) select Menu > GPS position. The new GPS fix is displayed. When this screen is open, the phone will attempt to refresh the GPS fix every 30 seconds.

How long does it take to get a GPS fix for a new IsatPhone Pro phone?

When attempting to get a GPS fix (including after upgrading the firmware) for a new IsatPhone Pro it can take between 20 seconds to 90 seconds to get a full GPS Fix.

How is an incoming call answered on the IsatPhone Pro?

First, the antenna has to be deployed. When the phone rings, press the green button to answer the incoming call.

How is an ongoing call terminated on the IsatPhone Pro?

Press the red button to end/terminate a call.

How is an outgoing call made on the IsatPhone Pro?

To make a call enter the full international number by dialling +,then the country code, area code (without the leading 0), telephone number and then press the green key, eg. +44 1621 123456.

How is the redial feature used on the IsatPhone Pro?

If you press the green button you can see a list of the previous numbers which you have dialled. Cycle through the numbers with the cursor keys, and when you reach the one you want to call press the green button again to call it.

How is an incoming call declined before it is answered on the IsatPhone Pro?

When there is a incoming call and the phone is ringing you can press the red button to decline it. The details of the calling party will now be stored in the call register, under missed calls.

How is the voicemail feature accessed on the IsatPhone Pro?

To retrieve and listen to voice mails press and hold down the 1 key, or dial 57. This will then automatically dial your voice mail inbox. Alternatively you can dial the voicemail box directly on +870 772 001 899 and press the green key to dial.

How is the sim card inserted into the IsatPhone Pro?

Remove the battery cover by using a coin to turn the screw slot on the back of the ISAT phone, until it is vertical. If the battery is in place, lift it out. Slide the catch down on the SIM holder and flip it outwards. Make sure the angled corner of your SIM card is on your left and slide it into the holder. Flip the holder back into place and slide the catch back up.  Insert the battery, replace the cover and turn the screw slot until it is horizontal.

How is the IsatPhone Pro switched on and off?

Hold down the red key which is found on the top right of the main keypad, until the screen lights up. The first time you use your phone, use the navigation keys to select your language and set the time zone. To switch off, hold down the red key until the screen shuts down.

Where is the IMSI (sim card number) found on the IsatPhone Pro?

The IMSI number is displayed under Menu > Settings > About.

Where is the Firmware version found on the IsatPhone Pro?

The Firmware version is displayed under Menu > Settings > About.

Where is the IMEI number found on the IsatPhone Pro?

The IMEI number is displayed under Menu > Settings > About.

How is the IsatPhone Pro’s battery charged?

Plug the charger into the power source. Then connect the mini USB connector from the plug into the base of the phone. Leave to charge until battery is full (it’s important to fully charge when first purchased ).

How is the keypad locked on the IsatPhone Pro?

You can lock the keypad by pressing the mains key in the centre of the phone followed by the * key. Only the green and red buttons will be active now

Will the IsatPhone Pro be blocked for pre-pay use in the United States?

No. As of 2013, Inmarsat has gained licensing for pre paid sim cards in the United States.

What is the Email centre number for the IsatPhone Pro?

The Email centre number is 456. If the value is different perform the following operation: Open Menu>Messaging>Options Select Settings>Email settings This will display a list of the stored Email centre numbers If there is no stored value, or the value is +456 choose Select highlight <Empty> choose Options>Edit enter 456 choose Apply The handset prompts the user: <Activate this number as the current email centre?> Choose Yes

What is the IsatPhone Pro battery life?

8 hours talk time and up to 100 hours standby time. If a user experiences a reduced battery life then the firmware version should be checked to ensure that the latest version is installed.

Does the IsatPhone Pro support Fixed Number Dialling?

The IsatPhone Pro supports Fixed Number Dialling. This allows the administrator of the phone to lock outgoing calls to specific numbers or prefixes. The Fixed Number Dialling feature is switched on and off from the Security menu and requires the PIN2 code (9999 by default). The user then goes to “Contacts” where the “FND” section allows numbers to be typed in or copied from the phonebook. With Fixed Number Dialling switched on, these are the only numbers that can be dialed. The other phone numbers stored on the phone remain available for browsing but not calling. The user guide for the Isat Phone Pro provides a more in-depth description of this process.

How can Contacts be synchronised using the IsatPhone Pro?

The USB drivers must be installed before the synchronisation tool is run

Why is the IsatPhone Pro battery not charging?

When a battery is dead the display will show a black screen, it can take 5-7 minutes to appear to start charging. This is because it needs some charge to light the back screen and show the battery icon charging

How does the IsatPhone Pro indicate a Network connection?

In the top left hand corner of the screen “Inmarsat” will be displayed beneath “IsatPhone”, and four beeps will be heard when the phone is connected to the Network.

What is the Total Weight of the IsatPhone Pro complete with Box and accessories?

The Total Weight including handset, battery, box and accessories is 948g /2.09lb

What is the format to send an email to the ISAT Phone Pro?

The format to send an email to the ISAT Phone Pro is: 870776xxxx@message.inmarsat.com

What is the actual radiation pattern of the handheld antenna?

The antenna is omni-directional but does have a slight gain towards the tip of the antenna. This only needs to be pointed in the general direction of the sky/satellite for maximum signal strength but the elevation angle is not critical until you are near the edge of the satellites coverage.

What is provisioned for emergency calling outside the US for the ISAT Phone Pro?

Emergency calling is not supported on the IsatPhone Pro outside the US.

What is the level & impedance specs for 2.5mm audio jack on the ISAT Phone Pro?

The only information that we have in the public domain is in the user guide. No other specifications are in the public domain.

Can the IsatPhone Pro be used at sea?

IsatPhone Pro is part of Inmarsat’s land portfolio and can be successfully used on land. It is designed to be used at sea with a maritime dock and antenna. When maritime environmental conditions are calm, users may have success using it as a handheld, but like all satellite handsets, it is not designed for handheld use at sea. To gain the best performance at sea, use IsatPhone Pro in conjunction with a maritime docking station with a maritime antenna.

For IsatPhone Pro Data are USB drivers required to connect the handset to a PC?


Does the IsatPhone Pro Data service support Bluetooth profiles?

Headset and hands-free profiles (only for speech, not for data) are supported.

How long are voicemail messages kept in the voicemail system?

Voicemail messages are kept for 72 hours in the voicemail system.

How long are messages retained when an email is sent to the SMS service?

Inmarsat will keep email messages sent to the SMS service for up to 72 hours.

How long are SMS messages kept in the system if undelivered to Inmarsat numbers?

SMS messages are kept in the system for a maximum of 7 days.

How long are Inmarsat SMS messages kept, if undelivered to mobile phones?

SMS messages are sent instantly. If they are not delivered this could be due to an issue with the recipient’s network. Customers will need to check the time that mobile phone operators keep SMS messages in their system.