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Satellite Phones

Network Innovations can keep you in touch around the globe with our portable and fixed-site satellite phones. Satellite phones are easy to use and provide you with an assurance of communications in remote locations to keep you safe and connected.  If you are new to satellite phones, please read our article on how to select the right satellite phone and our Satellite Phone Comparison Matrix.

Our suite of satellite phones accommodates your requirements for portable or fixed phones at land or sea.  As a distributor for all of the satellite phone operators, Network Innovations can help you select the choice that is best suited to your unique requirements.

Iridium – Handheld phones, vehicle docking kits, SmartPhone Wi-fi hubs, push-to-talk, maritime systems and fixed phones with integration to PBX systems.  All of these options operate on

Iridium’s Low-Earth-Orbit (LEO) constellation of satellites to provide global coverage, pole-to-pole.  Iridium phones are ideal for applications where you’re travelling to the polar regions or your terrain is mountainous or heavily forested.  The LEO constellation excels in providing connectivity from hard to reach regions.

Ligado Networks – The leader in satellite push-to-talk, Ligado Networks ‘s MSAT services provide two-way radio capability via satellite as well as standard telephone service.  Coverage is available across North & Central America and the Caribbean.  Ideal for Public Safety, Transportation, Utilities or Oil & Gas operations that require two-way radio capabilities in remote regions.

Inmarsat – At land or sea, Inmarsat satellite options include handheld phones with optional docking kits, fixed phones for remote site locations and multiple options for telephone service at sea.  Inmarsat’s satellite network provides near global coverage for reliable voice communications. (Isatphone Coverage Map)

Thuraya – Regional satellite phone service for Europe, Africa, Asia & Australia.  Thuraya provides portable and fixed site phones for both land and sea applications.
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