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Network Innovations’ MAVERICK VSAT service is a different way of delivering satellite communications offering customers reliable, flexible, customized solutions with higher bandwidth at guaranteed throughputs.

Scalable, Efficient, Flexible VSAT Service

Our MAVERICK service is a fully scalable, efficient, and flexible multi-service VSAT solution, designed to integrate with any type of customer network requiring multiple:

  • Satellites
  • Frequency bands (C, Ku, Ka)
  • Spot beams
  • Gateways (locations) or antennas per gateway
  • Return link technologies (HRC, Mx-DMA, MF-TDMA, SCPC)
  • Market applications (B2B, B2C, backhaul, trunking, broadcast distribution and contribution, FNG, nomadic access, remote camp sites in mining/oil & gas, occasional use, SCADA, etc.)
  • Types of modems on the same forward carrier to provide best fit in terms of cost and performance
  • User profiles and roles (operators, VNO, end user)

MAVERICK Flexibility

Adapt your infrastructure as easily as your business changes.

  • Single to multiple applications/markets, easily extendable platform adapted to your actual business needs
  • Tailored services delivered through advanced hierarchical QoS
  • Versatile modem portfolio to serve each individual customer requireme
  • Share a common pool of bandwidth resources between all your sites with each site having access to the entire pool at anytime. Add, move, or deploy sites without altering or revising the bandwidth contract.
  • The MAVERICK service follows the VSAT modem. Use your modem on your fixed station antenna and then quickly take it with your fly away kit. There is no need for different services for different form factors.
  • MAVERICK allows you to change service plans on the fly. Whether it is the field operator or a head office control function, MAVERICK puts you in control of your service plan.


Choose a platform to build your business to the size you need it.

  • Scalable platform from small to large network, from 5 to 100,000 remotes
  • From single coverage to multi-coverage to multi-spot HTS
  • One or multiple satellites
  • Invest as your business grows, low up front CAPEX

MAVERICK Efficiency

Enable the most optimal modulation and bandwidth allocation technologies.

  • MAVERICK guarantees bandwidth that you can count on whenever and wherever you need it, and offers realistic bursting options at a fraction of the cost of traditional service offerings.
  • MAVERICK optimizes and accelerates traffic at a granular level so you can easily set policies to define the maximum amount of bandwidth any particular Internet site, cloud application or user can consume. This level of control ensures your strategic applications always have the bandwidth they need for maximum performance and that real-time traffic like video and voice are protected or contained based on priority.
  • Highest customers per MHz, highest bits/Hz
  • Excellent service availability & 24×7 customer support
  • Up to 50% bandwidth savings using Newtec patented Mx-DMA Technology
  • Up to 15% bandwidth savings with Clean Channel Technology®
  • Optimal return link for each site using SCPC, MF-TDMA and Mx-DMA

Additional VSAT Services

Managed Satellite Services

  • Network and Satellite Equipment Installation, Integration, and Configuration
  • Teleport Operations
  • 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • Global Field Service Representative (FSR) Support • Tactical Communications

Ka-Band Offerings

Legacy VSAT Services

  • SCPC
  • iDirect
  • Comtech
  • Hughes

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