The combination of Network Innovations satellite communications solutions and the EVENTA Monitoring & Control system can be utilized for any of the following Power Utility applications:

Substation Automation

EVENTA’s real-time data processing system can communicate with all Substation RTUs, IEDs, protection relays, and meters while it provides real-time data back to the Control Center. EVENTA can utilize a number of protocols to connect to just about any device in the substation and the real-time user interface provides a graphical/tabular user interface to monitor and control every available point in the system. EVENTA’s built-in real-time automation tool provides a very powerful and flexible logic to provide a coordinated Substation Automation solution.

Distribution Automation

The EVENTA system provides the platform to build custom Distribution Automation logic that fits your need. The logic is flexible, scalable and device independent. EVENTA Data servers can communicate to various field devices and pass the real-time data to the EVENTA Automation tool, which in return execute fully customized Distribution Automation Logic and send appropriate control commands to the field. Extensive graphical user interface, trending and reporting capabilities provide the ultimate solution for a complete Distribution Automation system.

Smart Grid

As a powerful software solution, EVENTA is an ideal platform for building Smart Grid applications. Its scalability and flexibility to interface with any device over a wide area allows  EVENTA to provide real-time data of the entire system. Monitoring, analysis, reporting, and control applications can access and process real-time and historical data at an astonishing speed.

Micro Grid

EVENTA’s ability to monitor, analyze and automate large number of devices that are scattered over a wide area makes it an ideal solution for Micro Grid applications.  Connect to multiple remote devices such as Protection relays, PLCs, RTUs, meters, and any specialized controller. While you can have a local HMI interface, the field data can be sent to a centralized system for a series of wide area monitoring and control applications. The centralized system stores all information, runs multiple automation applications, generates reports and provides the data on the web for partners.

Renewable Energy

The unique nature of renewable sources of energy requires a monitoring system that can handle all aspects of monitoring and control for Process Control, Power Distribution and Power Generation industries. EVENTA is ideal for solar farms, wind turbine controllers, and wind farm monitoring and automation. Scalability, Wide Area Monitoring and Automation, extensive reporting and web access are key ingredients for any one of the renewable energy source applications.

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