The combination of Network Innovations satellite communications solutions and the EVENTA Monitoring & Control system can be utilized for any of the following Oil and Gas applications:

Gas Well Monitoring and Control

Connect to a large number of field EFMs, RTUs, PLCs, Plunger controllers, Flow computers, and PLCs via a satellite communications link.  The Gas Monitoring solution works with your flow meters to deliver accurate information including pressure readings, flow calculations, custody transfer information and equipment status on a 24/7 basis. The system can automatically send the daily production data to your FDC system and send you a set of daily, weekly and monthly production reports by e-mail.


Gas Well Optimization (Plunger Lift Controller)

Interface with all available Plunger Controllers and provide a real-time bidirectional link to both the controller and your flow computer simultaneously. You can use a mix of RTUs, flow computers, and plunger controllers from different vendors and connect them all to one system. EVENTA provides you with a pre-built set of tools to access your gas well plunger controller to remotely optimize each well from your office. A system map provides a real-time overview of your entire field. The system uses a set of powerful analysis tools to closely monitor and analyze the collected data and use this information to optimize the field controller either manually or automatically.

Oil Well Optimization (Pump-Off Controller)

Remotely monitor and control large numbers of pump controllers such as Pump Jack, Submersible Pump and VFD control units. EVENTA monitors the performance of each well 24/7 automatically and will send you exception or daily summary reports listing wells that need your attention sorted by priority. EVENTA can provide you remote access to each site or send you various types of reports and exception notifications and can interface with any kind of controller you have on site.

Gas Field Optimization

EVENTA’s Gas Field Optimization package empowers the production optimization personnel to monitor and analyze the effects of different equipment or facilities 24/7. Using this information, custom logic is developed for each well, compressor or test unit to modify its behaviour for optimum performance of the entire field. With the EVENTA Field Optimization package, you can increase your total field production and reduce your operating and maintenance cost by:

  • Automatically adjust compressor set points based on pipeline pressure or flow
  • Sequence through multiple plunger controlled wells to avoid extreme pressure fluctuations
  • Automatically change plunger controller set points depending on the overall field characteristics
  • Setup seasonal operation parameters for field operation
  • Generate and e-mail exception or daily reports
  • Notify production optimization staff of any abnormal conditions instantly by e-mail or text message

Facility Monitoring

Rocket visualization compressorWe have a number of preconfigured monitoring packages that will allow you to remotely monitor and control any field unit without setting up an expensive SCADA system. Our system is extremely flexible and can be customized to your exact requirements.

Some of the typical facilities that we can remotely monitor and control are:

  • Gas or Oil well
  • Compressor unit
  • Oil test site
  • Tank farm
  • Gathering plant
  • Booster or Battery site
  • Dehydration or Amine plant
  • Inlet separator unit

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