EVENTA Logo smallFor organizations that require a SCADA/M2M host application, Network Innovations partners with MR Control Systems to provide the EVENTA Monitoring & Control solution.

EVENTA was uniquely designed for SCADA/M2M applications operating via satellite communications. EVENTA provides a unique method that combines poll/response and report by exception reporting to reduce data volumes by a factor of 10 to 100; and therefore optimizes the cost effectiveness of using satellite communications for SCADA/M2M applications.



Intelligent Design for Satcom

Organizations rely on satellite communications for SCADA/M2M applications in locations where field equipment sites have no other means of data communications.  EVENTA is an intelligent platform that includes a EVENTA Gateway Appliance for your remote sites and your choice of a cloud-based client/server application or host the software on your own infrastructure.

The EVENTA Appliance stores polling registers locally at the remote site and only sends the data that has changed (as well as alerts or events), since the previous poll, back to the EVENTA host application. This differential reporting capability results in a reduction in data volumes by a factor of 10 to 100.

EVENTA Capabilities

EVENTA provides all the necessary tools to collect, process, store, present, report, trend, e-mail, text, and remotely control your field data both in real-time and historical formats. EVENTA’s high performance Event Engine can process millions of real-time events continuously and the Historian can store tens of thousands of records every second.

  • Provides an intelligent and user-friendly interface for business people
  • Enables easy and secured access to field data
  • Optional Cloud-based version expedites implementation time by letting you monitor and control your facility or equipment without setting up an expensive SCADA software system
  • Allows you to monitor, control, and optimize large numbers of field devices that are spread across several regions
  • Pre-defined solutions for oil & gas, power utilities, water resources and energy monitoring

EVENTA Applications

EVENTA is effective for a wide range of applications:

  • Process Control SCADA
  • Oil & Gas Well Optimization
  • Power Utility SCADA
  • Wide Area Automation systems (Micro/Smart Grid, Pipeline Monitoring, Transmission & Distribution Automation)
  • Industrial Systems Health Monitoring and Diagnostics systems
  • Asset Monitoring
  • Marine Transportation
  • Renewable Energy
  • Water Resources

EVENTA Historian

Rocket historianEVENTA Historian is a high performance, integrated solution that provides data in a user-friendly and intelligent form. Historian provides an extremely efficient means to interface with a wide range of field devices, process the incoming data, and present it to a large number of users simultaneously. Users can employ Trending tools to create professional looking reports using real-time or Historical data.

EVENTA Visualization

Rocket visualization compressorThe EVENTA Monitoring and Information System provides a highly customizable set of visualization tools that caters to a wide range of audiences from engineering to operations, administration and management. Each user can customize their own displays and access them from any computer without losing their customized configuration files. EVENTA provides a simple interface to build a wide range of customized reports for trending, viewing, extracting and analyzing real-time and historical data.


With EVENTA Remote Monitoring, you will be able to:

  • Monitor your equipment in real-time
  • Change set points online
  • Remotely start or shutdown equipment
  • Set warning or critical alarms to avoid unnecessary downtime
  • Set up alarms to send you text message, e-mail or a voice call
  • Use smart-phone, iPad or a laptop to see how your equipment or facility is running
  • Use EVENTA’s Trending for analyzing any shutdown or poor performance
  • Compare different variables on one Trend
  • Set up daily, weekly, monthly or exception reports
  • Set up reports to be e-mailed to you daily or remind you of scheduled maintenance work

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